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Fitso Sports : A Revolution in The Sports World

Are sports even important? This should not be a question. From early ages, Sports has contributed a lot to mankind and this society. Athletes have lower body mass indexes and have good muscle development. It also tends to burn calories. Sports activities reduce the chances of lifestyle and cardiac diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Sports give you the opportunity of exercising regularly for a good heart and lung function. Playing sports as a child can lead you to be an active adult and teach you a team playing. It helps you to spend a healthy, safe and enjoyable time and gives a backseat to the hazardous sedentary activities. Sports also tend to develop the grey matter and supplies oxygen to the brain giving it a boost and perform well. Sports impart character and also teach honesty, teamwork and fair play. Losing, winning and learning in sports go hand in hand which teaches an individual to be humble, confident and competitive at the same time along with managing stressful situations.

Swimming and Fitso Sports

Fitso Flash, Titans, and SEALS are the foundational pillars of Fitso. Good coaches and facilities are a prime symbol when it comes to swimming. Fitso has its own swimming courses with more than 20 pools. We have more than 20000 children and adults who have signed up for swimming under our certified coaches. The Fitso SEALS app is one of the best and has more than 3,500 active letting people book their services easily. Initiated in the year 2013 by the enthusiasm and determination of Saurabh Aggarwal, an ex-Flipkart employee and IIT Delhi graduate and an adventure enthusiast who was training for Ironman Triathlon. He knew the importance of certified instructors as he could not find one for himself and had to research for DIY drills. After teaming up with his IIT batchmates Naman Sharma and Rahool Sureka, Saurabh launched Fitso. The strength of Fitso Sports for the swimming arena is the fact that the team is research and innovation oriented. From initiating the operations and looking for pools to lease, Fitso Sports today has a total of seven all-weather pools. These all-weather pools have three indoor and four outdoor swimming pools with well trained and certified coaches. The primary mark was the making of heated indoor pools from four outdoor pools. These are temporary yet very effective structures for the winter. Here, the water temperature is well maintained between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. Fitso has thus conquered the swimming running segment.

Our Sports Academy – Fitso Sports Club

Fitso is now diving into various other sports fields such as Badminton, TT, Squash, and Self-Defence. Experience a world of holistic and quality sports experience with the best of the facility, type of coaching, resources, and ambiance.

sports academy in gurgaon sports academy in gurgaon sports academy in gurgaon

Address: Excelsior American Block c2, DLF Garden Villas, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurugram, Haryana 122001 (Google Map.)

Contact Us: 72900 98430

Why Fitso Sports?

Fitso Sports is a new age sports platform for all age groups. It is characterized by three primary factors.

1. Certified Coaches

Sports is one such field where coaches cannot be amateurs but have to be masters in their field. Fitso has dedicated and certified coaches that provide extensive training in their particular field of sports. All of Fitso’s coaches have recognized sports coaching certifications.

2. Indoor Sports Facility

Fitso has an indoor sports facility that is fully air-conditioned and spacious. It has impeccable ambiance with state-of-the-art facilities which gives you the perfect atmosphere, ideal playing conditions, and facilities to learn, practice and master your favorite sports.

3. Safe & Secure

Practicing sports with utmost Safety is of prime importance. Fitso ensures to provide a safe & secure environment for all of its members of all age groups and gender. This makes it more conducive for everyone to learn and grow in sports with a peaceful mind.

Fitso Sports Programs

1. Adult Coaching

Who says there is a particular age to pursue your favorite sports? Here, at Fitso sports it is never too late to learn the best of the sports activity that is closest to your heart. Our Adult Coaching program is a well designed and customized sports curriculum for adult sports needs.

2. Kids Coaching

We know your child’s sports needs and give them a perfect experience of learning sports basics from a nascent stage. Fitso sports offers high standard sports coaching to all age group children irrespective of their abilities.

3. Fitso Sports – Just Play

We believe in constant innovation in the field of sports as per individual needs. You can just Book and Play with Fitso Sports on your own to gauge and practice your sports abilities without the need of a certified and expert coach.