Fitso Coaching: Go for Your Dream!

About Fitso Coaching

Fitso has served more than 2000 clients till date. Users of Fitso premium plan for fitness and diet have on average lost 4.5 kg weight. Fitso follows strictly scientific methodology with 360 degree tracking and personalized assistance from most qualified coaches in India.  Our team of experts have extensive experience in fitness industry. Further, our experts frequently contribute to dailies in health and fitness.

Why Fitso Coaching?

  • Unlike the time boundary in Gym and Diet Centres,  Fitso offers you freedom of disobedience towards the clock at the cost of obedience towards your fitness.
  • No need to travel for workout
  • Exhaustive range of workouts from body-weight to weight training
  • Flexibility of diet and workout plan as per your schedule and commitment. Our dietitians and trainers don’t enforce diet against your willpower. Whether for normal weight loss or clinical case, our expert have handles it all.
  • Focus on daily habit e.g. drinking plenty of water, taking stairs and eating healthy to improve lifestyle. This is particularly helpful to get started and bring a sustainable change.

How Fitso coaching works?

Coaching Works

Say, you desire to shred 5 kg in two months. With no trouble, you can get in shape. All it requires you to do is hire a coach by purchasing a plan at Fitso. Coach will designs a customized workout routine and diet plan for you.

We have three different coaching categories that you can avail yourself of based on your requirements – diet, fitness and running.

To answer your most important question of communication modes with our coaches, let me tell you that you can always be in touch with your personal coach via chat. You can have one weekly call with the coach. Assume that you are seated in your dearest café with eyes running up-down on menu, but confused about which dish to order for in order to not disturb your diet significantly. A few thumb taps and your conundrum about ‘what to order for’ will be solved by your coach.

What to expect from the coaches?

  • Personal guidance from coach
  • Daily tips, query resolution and motivation
  • Customized training plan, diet plan, running plan or combination of running and fitness with diet depending on your plan type
  • Weekly call with trainer for goal setting and pre-planning for next week.
  • Constant follow-up during the training period.

Plan Charges

Single*INR 899INR 2,299INR 3,399
Combo**INR 1,299INR 3,399INR 5,499

*Running, Diet or Fitness Coaching

**Running and Diet Combo or Fitness and Diet Combo

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