When You Are Stuck Mentally, Move Physically!

how fitness can help with depression

Depression is pretty common. Fitness is a vital part of our lives and a healthy physique could help you have a healthy mind. Hard as it is to admit, most of us face depression at some point in our lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ups and downs are a given in life. Coming out of it is the tricky part.
Depression is accompanied with a series of attributes that exercise could help you overcome. For one, when depression strikes, you see people all around you being happy and you tend to have a very low self-esteem. Exercise helps you cope with that.
And if you are in your teens, depression is going to hit you like a brick wall. Be it your high school sweetheart breaking up with you or just every other issue going on, a tub of Baskin Robins or that bag of potato chips aren’t doing to do you any good. Get up, quit moping and hit the gym or go for a jog. Focus your emotions there. You’ll feel better, that’s for sure because, at the least, you won’t feel useless.

How fitness helps you come out of depression:

how to overcome breakup

  • Self-esteem: As mentioned before, exercise could give you the confidence boost you require so much. The body literally helps you out when you’re exercising. The more you exercise, the more of endorphins your body releases to your brain. Once they get there, these chemicals react with your brain and actually reduce the pain sensitivity that you feel.
    Many people take to drinking or drug abuse as a way to coping with depression. Well, this alternative is better because endorphins works just like morphine, prompting a positive feeling.
  • Depression generally is accompanied by loss of sleep or insomnia. And endorphins are also analgesics and sedatives. Those long nights crying about your breakup could be replaced by hours of euphoric sleep.
  • Pain Control: When the neurotransmitters in your brain give out the signal, i.e after exercise, endorphins are passed out. And these endorphins go out and bind themselves to the same exact neurons that bind pain meds. The upside to this is, you can’t get addicted to endorphins.

Exercises that help you overcome depression:

how to overcome breakup and teenage depression with fitness

Try out these exercises if you are looking to combat depression:
• Jogging/running
• Biking
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Sports- Basketball, tennis, badminton etc.

When you are depressed, it is always good to have people around you. So, it will be better to exercise with a friend or a group. If exercising is not your thing, go mountain biking or take go shoot some hoops with your gang. It will help all the same.

What to do after a breakup?

how to overcome breakup and teenage depression with fitness

Now all of us face this at a point in our lives. And the pit of depression we fall in is never ending. And this is probably not the last time so you’ll need some serious advice here.
Who better to get some counsel from the Bollywood sensation Katrina Kaif? After her breakup with Bollywood beau, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina opened up and gave a bit of advice to all the girls out there. After Ranbir apparently walked out on Katrina, she overcame depression by a stringent routine.

“Go to the gym and do some crunches. That’s how you deal with it,” she said. And that’s exactly what she did. A few months later she’s happy, cheerful, living an amazing life and looking like a Goddess. With washboard abs and a sizzling toned beach body, Kat looks enticing in the trailer of her upcoming film.

So how’s that for encouragement huh? Most exercises end up with one feeling inferior to the other. So this is exactly what you need to do. Get your running shoes on and hit the gym. Without a doubt, you’ll find yourself happy within no time. And you’ll have an awesome new look to show you’re ex who’s the boss!

Teenage depression and how to combat it:

how to overcome breakup and teenage depression with fitness

Teenagers have mood swings all the time. And sometimes the gloomy ones more than the happy ones. You will find yourself getting irritated for no reason at all. You might get mad or upset at the smallest things. Relax, it’s quite normal, especially at the time of adolescence because you’re raging with hormones. However, depression that persists could become quite serious, which is why it would do you a deal of good to combat depression as it comes.
Teenage depression could be for lots of reasons. The other kids at school might be making fun of you or you just feel you’re not “one of the cool kids” that is low self-esteem. Or it could be the puppy-love failure. Rivalry with a sibling, not enough attention from the parents, bad grades, it could all amount to it. Battling it is what matters.
The same applies here: EXERCISE: A healthy body image when you’re in your teens could do you a great amount of good. Especially when you’re pushing every sort of junk food down your throat. This way, it’s a win-win, you feel happy, you look great and you live longer!

Postpartum depression and how to keep it at bay!

how to overcome postpartum depression through fitness

Postpartum depression is very serious. And combating it is of paramount importance, mainly because people who develop it risk having major depression later on. How you combat it greatly influences your relationship with the baby because among symptoms of insomnia, loss of appetite, it also comes with difficulty in bonding with the baby. You can go with hormonal treatments or therapy, but after a couple of months, it is best if you take up exercise as well.
Postpartum depression is more common if it runs in your family or you or your family have had bipolar disorder. It can start around two weeks after the delivery and is very serious if it lasts for more than a couple of weeks. You will need to combat this or else you’re putting not only yourself but your baby in danger as well.
In the case of this, consult with your doctor, have family and friends with you at all times. And try to connect with little things that you used to find pleasure in before.
Yoga or mild dancing could help you out greatly. It could help you out because exercise could ease stress and anxiety which are both causes for postpartum depression. Thirty minutes of walking everyday could do wonders. You’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll sleep better and most of your problems will be gone!