fitness trends in delhi

Fitness Trends in Delhi: The city of pace

Over the last couple of years, Delhi has come far ahead on its way to become the fitness capital of India. But it wasn’t always the same. Earlier, fitness was seen as leisure rather than a necessity. Even if someone was motivated and spared some time to be fit, after some days the motivation went down as he/she was probably going out alone. The fact that not many people were aware or care about fitness was always a de-motivation for many. But things have changed now. Let’s see how fitness trends in Delhi have evolved.

With significant amount of running/cycling clubs spawning in city, Running has become more of a fun and exciting activity with the benefit of being fit. This paradigm shift occurred because of various factors. One of the major reasons for this change is widespread fitness awareness among community. Credits go to public initiatives, social campaigns and media. Because of these, people understood critical of the issue and have spared time from their busy schedules for workout.

Another prime reason for the evolved fitness trends in Delhi, is the beautifully developed and maintained running paths which attract more and more people. It is very easy to find a nearby place to go for a run in Delhi. And as these places are flooded with people, it somehow has led to formation of running clubs with people having same passion. Not to forget, ‘Delhi Runners’ is one of the largest running communities in Delhi which organizes various kind of running events from time to time. Being a modern-day community, they have a huge social network globally which is another reason for the increasing number of people participating.

To conclude, this passion for running is being engendered day by day because more and more people are forming communities with people who share the common interest and they continue to move ahead on this never-ending journey. The day is not far when the world will look at Delhi as the City of Runners. So Delhites, keep your fingers crossed and your feet moving at the pace of progress.

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