fitness secrets of celebrities

Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

Whenever they walk on Red carpet or attend any big function their flawless beauty, super toned body touches the millions and trillions of heart. On that moment one thing which comes to a mind is what’s the secret behind their killer physique? And without any pause, the answer is strict work-out routine with a balanced diet plan.

Are you crazy to look like your favorite celebrities? Then don’t go anywhere, here we have revealed all fitness secrets of celebrities which will definitely wake up your soul.

  • Muscular Macho Hrithik Roshan

Hritik Roshan - fitness secrets of celebrities

We love the chiseled body of B-Town superhero Hrithik Roshan. His fabulous dance moves with six-pack abs mesmerize everyone. Dedication, consistency, discipline and joyful nature are the key secret mantra of this superhero’s body which has been shared by his trainer Kris Gethin. Hrithik does lots of weight training and cardio in his work-out routine.

He follows simple diet routine which includes lots of fiber, green vegetables, meat, egg and a small bowl of rice or pasta and no junk and oily food. He believes in a small meal at a regular interval.

  • B-town “Khiladi” Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar - Hritik Roshan 

No doubt! This 47 yrs old man is one of the fittest men in the B-Town. “Early to bed and early to rise” is the secret behind his sporty and toned body.

He follows a very strict routine of having right food at right time along with a regular exercise. Instead of building biceps in the gym this fitness freak actor is more focus on outdoor activities like climbing, kickboxing, skipping, swimming, and hiking.

According to him alcohol, smoking, nicotine and caffeine in any form are the culprits of your weak stamina so you should always avoid these culprits. “Homemade food is the best food” so he prefers balanced homemade food.

  • Handsome Hunk John Abraham

John Ibrahim - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities  

Wherever we talk about killer looks and attractive physique the first guy which come to a mind is the John Abraham. His hot and sizzling body is the dream of every young man. He is very strict to gym schedule that mainly consists of kickboxing and cardio exercise.

When we talk about diet, this handsome hunk believes in a healthy diet with good sleep. Believe it or not,  John always prefers traditional and simple food. He mainly emphasis on a heavy breakfast for being energetic all the day and a light dinner for sound sleep.

  • Classy Shape of Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakri - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities Jogging, regular exercise, eating right diet and drinking more glasses of water are the fitness mantra of this beautiful diva. Fun and fit are the synonyms of each other if you want to be fit then you should have fun in your workout as well in your life. Nargis regularly do Zumba for fun, yoga & meditation for strong immunity and stretching for her sexy curves.

For maintaining a diet regime she takes a detox diet along with fresh vegetable and banana. She takes a bite of dark chocolate to satisfies her craving for sweet food.

  • World Sexiest Women Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

There is no doubt! to say that this gorgeous lady is the dream girl for every man and fitness icon for every girl. This Hot actress follows a rigorous  routine of regular exercise with balanced diet. She keeps her focus on toning the complete body rather than a single part in her daily workout, apart from this she spares some time in outdoor activities like Jet skiing in summers and snowboarding in winters.

Milia Kunis’s balanced diet consists of lean proteins, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, coconut butter, Low GI carbs like Brown rice. Sometimes she allows her favorite things in her diet to keep her on track.

  • Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif

 Katrina Kaif - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

We love this charming actress, her super flat tummy is the desire of envy girl. Swimming, jogging, weight training, and dancing are the fitness mantra of her sassy body. Her fabulous abs are the outcome of her pilates, ply metrics, and TRC on every single day.

When comes to diet regime she takes a macrobiotic diet and listen to her body. She stays away from the gluten, sugar and dairy food, and focus on fiber, protein intake and healthy fats. She takes acai berry supplements to keep her skin flawless and healthy.

  • Talented Beauty Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

I am sure! no one has stopped to cheer whenever this Hollywood glamor girl steps in any award function or shows. This actress says that love your body just as you love your food. Everyone should recharge herself with a good sleep after every fatigued day out. She advises to all followers that let’s do some fun with your workout which keeps you away from boredom. To strengthen her muscles and stay away from the stress she does cardio, yoga, running and climbing.

As part of her diet, she always refuels her after a regular interval with fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish for protein.

  • Yoga Lover Shilpa  Shetty

Shilpa Shetty doing Yoga - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities A mirror cracking beauty, who maintains her killer looks and stunning body with aging. All the people around the world vigorously follow a fitness secret of this celebrity.  As a fond of yoga, she advises to all to do yoga and meditation which makes a person beautiful from outside as well as from inside. To have sculpted figure Shilpa Shetty do cardio and strength training and for better muscles shape she does heavy weight exercise.

This diva starts her day with amla and aloe vera juice. She focuses on a wholesome and balanced diet along with protein shakes, raisins, and dates after every rigorous workout. She avoids snacks in between her meal.

  • Glamorous Bipasha  Basu

Bipasha Basu - Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

This bong beauty believes in the mantra of “Love yourself”. The fitness secrets of this celebrity are hardcore fitness regime in which weight training is the most, which were revealed by her trainer Deanne Pandey. The reason behind her sexy and perfect curve is 4 hours of exercise weekly that consists of jogging, treadmill, kickboxing, brisk walking, and cardio.

The gorgeous lady follows a proper diet regime which includes proper homemade Bengali food with lots of green vegetables, nuts, and eggs. Apart from this, she hydrated and energetic herself all the day with a plenty of water, fresh juices, and coconut water.

  •  Fitness freak Mark Wahlberg

Fitness Secrets of Mark Wahlberg

Mark, world renewed actor and producer is known for his heavy weight lifts and brutal muscles workout. This dashing actor workout is split into multiple days to keep him away from boredom which includes cardio, treadmill, bicycle crunches, curls up and full body workout.

This muscular macho’s post workout diet includes plenty of water, fruits, and Whey protein shake. This dashing actor diet consists mainly of chicken, pasta, steak and fruits. He always takes three heavy meals and three small snacks meal.

Do you like the fitness secrets of these celebrities? Obviously Yes! so wake up girls and boys! And adopt this strict and healthy fitness régime and change your way to leave a life…

Stay tuned…for more fitness secrets.