fitness myths

5 biggest Fitness Myths: Revealed!

Here are the five biggest fitness myths ever!

Fitness Myth #1: Eating Fruits Keeps You Healthy
Truth: It’s much better to fill up on vegetables rather than fruits, as fruits can actually hinder your weight loss process. Comparatively, fruits have a higher number of calories in comparison to vegetables.

Myth #2: Salt Is Bad For You
Truth: No, it’s not – if you limit your salt intake. Having a balanced salt level in your diet allows your body to stop retaining sodium. Moreover, salt is just like any other mineral that your body requires in order to stay healthy.

Myth #3: Organic Food Is Best For Weight Loss
Truth: No matter how organic your food is, it would still contain some calories. The only sense in which they can be termed as ‘super healthy’ is that they are free from insecticides and pesticides.

Myth #4: No Calorie Food Doesn’t Make You Fat
Truth: Apart from being a fancy term, there is nothing great about no-calorie food. In reality, most of the low-calorie foods have a minimum of 5 calories per serving, so if you eat up the whole portion of whichever low-calorie food you’re having – you’re eventually going to consume a myriad of calories.

Myth #5: Healthy Outside, Healthy Inside
Truth: Just because you look healthy outside doesn’t mean you’re fit and healthy inside too. There are many diseases that do not show any symptoms, so it’s thoroughly advisable to have a regular check-up with your doctor.

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