Top Indian Fitness models

Fitness Models Your Instagram’s ‘Following’ Must Have

No matter however tied up your day is, frequent sneak into your most favorite Instagram is not something you miss out on. Whether commuting or in the queue for the bank, you steal the glimpses of all the latest feed in a snap. How about these Instagram minutes of top Indian fitness models transforming you into a fit as a fiddle body? Of great good would then be the social-media time to you, which otherwise is just a focused distraction.

In fact, if a simple tap dance on your screen can help you catapult to healthy and fit lifestyle, what easier than this! Here goes some fitness fanatics whom you would love to follow even if not followed back.

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Vinod Channa (@thevinodchanna)

This fitness consultant belongs to the city of dreams, Mumbai and his power-pack drills are packed with short and crisp videos. Short-lived but detailed videos are easy-to-watch stuff for them who find lengthy videos not their cup of tea. He is Mumbai based personal trainer and also one of the famous India’s celebrity trainers.

Vinod Channa

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Namrata Purohit (@namratapurohit)

Namrata Purohit

The world’s youngest Stott Pilates instructor need not be showered with any fancy adjectives. The statement itself says all. She owns The Pilates Studio and has also penned a fit book fit for girls seeking fitness in their lives. Get your cart ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to being Fit’ soon. Besides, she is a dancer, squash player and scuba diver.

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Sharmila Nicollet (@sharmilanicollet)

Sharmila Nicollet’s snaps simply leave one gaping over in amazement. Such sassy is her body mass. The fact that she is a professional golfer adds extra few seconds to your gape. She was mere 18 when she enrolled herself in the Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI). You just got to straightaway follow her.

Sharmila Nicollet

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Sonali Swami (@sonali_swami)

A mother of 2, yes you hear it right, a mother she is and yet so fit. Well, being a mother was, unlike most of the moms, not taken as an excuse to be helpless and stay unfit. She is truly exemplary for the struggling unfit moms. More feathers to her cap are that she is the winner of Fit Factor and Muscle Mania.

Sonali Swami

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Prashant Sawant (@prashantsixpack)

Varun Dhawan, Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan have once been the trainee under him. What better than this can be a better endorsement for his fitness nuances? Run! Not on feet but on Instagram. Your fitness is closely close.

Prashant Sawant

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Milind Soman (@milindrunning)

Milind Usha Soman was spotlighted in news for his film Ironman Triathlon. Just search him on Instagram (of course, follow him too) and you will know how does he manage to pull off his attractively iron body.

Milind Soman

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Yasmin Karachiwala (@yasminkarachiwala)

This celebrity fitness expert has been the master of ‘Chikni Chameli’ and ‘Arjun Rampal’. She is headstrong to see a changed India, yes, a fit India. She has also authored Sculpt and Shape.

Yasmin Karachiwala

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Natasha Noel (@natashanoel001)

This yoga trainer from Mumbai has an unbeatable flexibility that can, in fact, leave Baba Ramdev frowning. She is a fountain of positive energy and you will get the feel as soon as you meet her on Instagram. She says that Yoga has changed her life and would like to inspire others to start with this beautiful practice full of peace and fitness.

Natasha Noel

 #Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Kumar Mannava (@kumarmannava)

This ordinary guy is spreading the cause, i.e. to be fit through his extraordinary posts on Instagram. Follow him to let him know that his endeavors for a cause don’t run vain.

Kumar Mannava

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Nidhi Mohan Kamal (@nidhimohankamal)

Indian nutrition and health expert, Nidhi is a pure fitness buff, as reflected in her Instagram posts. She has got marvelous meal plans and charts you can have your eyes on. Go, get your following list upped asap.

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Shweta Mehta (@theshwetamehta)

An engineer turned fitness professional is suggestive of her propensity towards fitness. She is a Jerai 2016 winner. Her svelte body, for a minute, can give any girl pangs of jealousy.

Shweta Mehta

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Bani Judge             (@banij)

An ex-Roadie and MTV host, Bani is an ideal motivation for the lazy beings who till date have been finding ways to escape gym somehow. No more guys! Bani’s posts from the gym will get you jump off your bed and hit the gym.

Bani Judge

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Navreet Josan (@lilrocket)

Oh yeah, Navreet Josan is a lilrocket as her feet rockets forward no less than a rocket. Athlete, she is, after all. Well, girls have got an edge over boys because this lilrocket also caters to the makeup needs. For, she is a MAC makeup artist.

Navreet Josan

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Nikita George (@niki_grge)

She propagates her mantra ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ through her muscular posts. Her workout video can make you cringe in shame. Relax! You still can un-tag yourself from good-for-nothing tag.

Nikita George

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Deepika Mehta (@deepikamehtayoga)

Deepika Mehta’s exquisite pictures look so alive as if she was doing yoga right in front of your eyes. Her Ashtanga yoga diet is not something fitness freaks would miss out on.

Deepika Mehta

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Sapna Vyas (@sapnavyaspatel)

She is a lunatic fitness enthusiast as she lost 33 kg in a year. Not every Sapna can fulfill this ‘sapna’ of being slim, but Sapna Vyas nailed it. Her app StayWow hands out useful tips for fitness.


Sapna Vyas

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#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Yasmin Chauhan (@yashmeenchauhan)

Yashmeen Chauhan is a fitness professional who was crowned Miss Asia 2016 and Miss India 2016. She is a certified personal trainer from American College of Sports Medicine and owns Sculpt Gym.

Yasmin Chauhan

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Shweta Rathore (@ishwetarathore)

This Mumbaikar’s every breath is goalward, i.e. towards fitness. She is a founder of Fitness Forever Pvt. Ltd. and is the Brand Ambassador of K11.

 Shweta Rathore

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Harj Hadani (@skinnyroti)

Harj’s account would really dumbfound you. Her body shape oozes profuse fitness and would leave you terribly regretting about your indifference towards fitness. She is a Certified Sports Nutritionist too.

Harj Hadani

#Top Instagram Fitness Model in India – Samir Jaura (@samir_jaura)

Can you recall that stalwart physique of Farhan Akhtar in Bhag Milkha Bhag? The man behind Farhan’s athletic effect was Samir Jaura.

Samir Jaura