10 Fitness Gifts for Your Father This Father’s Day

Give your dad the gift of health!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you must be looking for a gift to make D-day special for your dad. Your father is the “apple of your eye”, he has showered you with love for all these years and taught you many life lessons. This is your chance to reciprocate your affection and care.

You must have heard the age-old saying – “health is wealth”. This Father’s Day let your dad know how much he means to you by getting him a healthy gift. Check out our list of top 10 healthy gift ideas for your dad: –

1. Jogging/running shoes

Running Shoes - gift for father on father's day

If you think the gift items listed above are too fancy for your dad, stick to the basics and get him new jogging or running shoes. After all, running makes dad feel good. Make him look good too!

To select the shoes that suit your Dad check out this blog.

2. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker - gift for father on father's day

A fitness tracker can prove to be very useful for your dad as it can track steps, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep at night and much more. Each and every minute detail! Your dad can set fitness goals and track his progress conveniently with these fitness trackers that are good-looking as well as resourceful.

The fitness tracker also syncs wirelessly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to give you up-to-the-minute updates on your fitness activity! If you are running low on budget, you can gift your dad a simple pedometer (which only counts steps). This is an even more economical option to motivate dad to move more throughout the day and shed those extra kilos.

3. Treadmill

Treadmill - gift for father on father's day

Decked out in sweats and dorky dad sneakers, running on the treadmill and burning some serious calories – very soon your dad will be in decent shape if you gift him a treadmill.

4. Dumbbells

Dumbell - gift for father on father's day

Does your dad love strength training and aims to get stronger in the next year or so? Then a pair of dumbbells is the best weapon that you can give him to reverse the effects of lower testosterone levels and age-related decline. You are essentially giving him an entire gym’s worth of weights in two no-fuss fitness tools that he can easily stash at home or in his office.

5. Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike - gift for father on father's day

If your dad goes “weak in the knees” (pun intended), then you need to purchase an exercise bike for him, so that he can indulge in some serious cycling training. He will feel fresh and much more energetic after cycling for just half-an-hour on the exercise bike.

6. Designed for fitness earphones

Earphones - gift for father on father's day

Exercising or jogging alone can be monotonous and boring after a certain period of time and this can become one of the reasons to stop going to the gym or park. Music certainly helps to cut this boredom out. So this Father’s Day, invest in a good pair of headphones for your dad.

Nowadays, you can easily find headphones which are ergonomically designed for fitness workouts so that the wire does not slip out of your ear while running and remains intact. The earphones also come with other attractive features like armbands, integrated smart remotes, sweat resistance, etc. You even get waterproof earphones which can be worn while swimming.

7. Anti-odor gym clothing

Gym Clothing - gift for father on father's day

Your dad may look dapper at work, but he would surely love to get his hands on some fresh new gym clothing. Just like with new shoes, new clothing does boost self-confidence for your beast of a dad. You can gift him anti-bacterial anti-odor men’s clothing range full of stringer tanks, tee’s, hoodies, shorts and sweats to fit his style.

8. Yoga Mat

gift for father's day - Yoga mat

Turn your father into a meditation-obsessed, savasana-loving yogi this father’s day by gifting him a comfortable yoga mat.  If your dad sweats a lot, don’t forget to get him an extra-thick mat with extra-grip. Don’t forget, the mat should be antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial so that it always stays clean.

9. Kettle-bell

Kettle bell - gift for father on father's day

Dumbbells are so passé. Get your dad a cast iron kettle bell to swing around in the luxury of his own living room. The mighty fitness tool works wonders if your dad wants to go for cardio, strength, and flexibility training.

10. Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball - gift for father on father's day

Squats, lunges, push-ups, balance – Any exercise can be enhanced with the help of a Bosu ball. Is your dad a fitness enthusiast and is he looking to take all bodyweight exercises to the next level? Then the Bosu ball is a must for him this father’s day.

Give Dad The Gift of Fitness

Have a healthy, happy and fit Father’s Day!

All of us love gifts, don’t we? Your dad will feel exactly the same rush of excitement when he gets his hands on these fitness equipmen and tools. These gifts will surely revolutionise his approach to health and fitness.