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15 Kickass Fitness Dates Ideas to Get Your Heart Pumping

Romance under the warmth of a blanket and over a mug of hot coffee is too conventional a date that happens between any Adam and Eve. Not implying that such romance should fade away and is not charming enough, but the fact that monotony and conventionality need be broken to promote novelty and fitness. Haven’t you had enough showering your girl with a wealth of chocolates? Isn’t it the time to shift from sweet pleasures of chocolates to salty pleasure of sweaty exercises? Yeah, dates can be made sweaty. You’ll know how in the next few minutes.

Dates that need you to toil yourself with muscles and not wallow in cuddles –

  1. Hit Gym Together


Why not treadmill together if booze? Why not do some crunches and squats together like the way you munch snacks on a table? To put it better, why not lose calories together and not just gain? To add some cosy time to your toilsome togetherness, you can always end up in any small eatery post work-out.

  1. Exert together on Rocks

rock-climbing - fitness dates

Rock climbing definitely is not a piece of cake and would require both the partners to strain their hamstring darn hard. Moreover, it not just boils down to physical exertion but mental too. For, as they rappel down together, one belays on another. In other words, this is where the joint efforts come into play. As both coordinate and try syncing with each other, the shackles of their typical affectionate communication breaks and enter some other dimension.

  1. Find some sporty hours together

Playful couple playing football in park

What at the end of the day matters for a couple is a good number of hours together! Will it not be a great idea to have these hours on lush green field? Be badminton or golf course, you can always encourage your partner and rope in her along. You can ensure both fitness and quality conversations by being sporty.

  1. Do Yoga together


Intertwined bare bodies on bed have been the known way of making love to each other. What about creating this same sensuousness on yoga mat? Yoga which is believed to strengthen muscles and inhibit diseases can be a great tool if done with their partners. Alone individual may find yoga a bit dull practice to do regularly, however, your favourite companion alongside can evoke your interest.

5. Bowling

bowling couples - fitness dates

This is an inexpensive date that is fun and so reminiscent of childhood memories.  Mix it up by using bumper lanes, cosmic bowling, goofy bowling stances, or anything else for a good laugh! Plus it allows for a little close contact if you need to demonstrate the form and how to follow through.

  1. Go cycling

cycling for fitness date

Cycling reminds one of all his/her bruised but fond memories of childhood. For, lot of collapses and then cycling got under your belt. It is time to polish your long-forgotten practice with your partner cycling alongside. Also, enjoy romantic conversation on wheels. Cycling would do a great deal of good to your body. Perhaps, your love would grow healthier as cycling is very healthy for your heart, the loving organ of your body.

  1. Gyrate together on dancing numbers

Young couple dancing contemporary. Photo in studio

Dancing is the easiest fitness date you can have, provided your guy is not allergic to dancing. Because, many girls complain of their dance-hostile guys. But if you are lucky, you can make your clubbing both entertaining and fit.

  1. Race together


Wouldn’t it be fun to set a finishing line and strive hard to end up first?  Most of the people are in search of a better company to get motivated enough to break off their laze and run. Who better than your mate?

9. Hiking along the Suburbs


Aren’t you sick of urbane dates in the four-walled CCD? Please give a better shot for better date experience. Escape the bustling city with your likable chick and sweat out together in the silence of nature’s beauty. Trust me, hiking is good, both physically and mentally.

10. Shooting each other with Paintball


Engaging together in paintball is frolicsome where fats sneak out from your body without having you realized even. Playful leaps and dives to avoid being hit keep you away from the feel of being exhausted.

11. Kickboxing


Hold yourself tight couples as the idea of being a kick-boxer for dates may sound enticing as you avail yourself a chance to assuage your rage towards the partner. So, verbal fights have got a better substitute, huh? Anyway, kickboxing also induces the release of good endorphin which does a lot good in washing away your stress.

12. Speeding along the Snowline


Yes, you guessed it right. Go, ski together. The most advantageous part of skiing is the position you remain at, that is, crouch. While you stoop down along your knee-joint, your lower body is strained to burn off more fats. Moreover, the frosty weather encourages your body to warm up more which in turn surges up good endorphin level. Hence, you find yourself happier. Needless to say, snow does trigger romance and hence, a snowy dating need not be reasoned.

13. Paddle against the Water Currents


Kayaking is jammed with all the essentials of romance. Water all around, the magnificent rocks and your partner alongside can make your kayaking experience an unbeatable date. The cherry on cake would be to watch the sunset as well. The view around and your darling in front to communicate with just make you forget the strain of paddling.

14. Volunteering

Smiling young couple with clothes donation

Of all, volunteering is packed with so much to offer you physically, mentally and emotionally. All you need to do is pick out the right cause you both want to dispense out your time on. Volunteering not just puts up smiles on your face but many others who perhaps may be in the desperate need of it.

15. Pillow clash


Aww! This is so kiddish yet romantic. Pillow fights can be the best way to start your day with. This ensures healthy cardiac muscles. Not a bad deal, huh?

Don’t the above-mentioned date ideas sound appealing? You all, in your very first thought, can find it displeasing as new ideas do take time to seep in through stereotyped minds of humans. But no date is better than the date which keeps you in shape. After all, more the fitness, longer the life and longer your togetherness.