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India Is Getting Fitter By The Day. Are You?

Do you know? In India, 54% of citizens are physically inactive. Further, less than 10% engage in any type of physical recreational activity. 13.5 crore Indians are burdened with obesity and 7.2 crore people are diabetic. Don’t feel surprised, these are some of the statistics recently released by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

It is beyond doubt that Indians, being a part of one of the oldest civilizations across the globe, had once ingrained physical activities in their day-to-day lifestyles. Traditional Indian exercises like ‘Dand-Baithak’ and ‘Surya Namaskar’ are direct outcomes of this lifestyle. It is perhaps to reconnect our rapidly digitizing nation with this forgotten past that PM Narendra Modi has today launched ‘Fit India Movement’ within the country. He has also gifted India with its ‘National Sports Day’, marking the 114th Birth Anniversary of celebrated Indian hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand the same.

The movement aims to create greater physical awareness in India and drive its citizens towards harmonious and healthy living… something which is only possible with mass social participation. As a matter of fact, there are multiple advantages to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Primarily, it makes sure that you develop discipline in your life. Secondly, fitness activities build immunity and make sure that you do not face the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle (both short-term and long-term). Thirdly, a healthy lifestyle also increases your work productivity and enables you to focus better on tasks.

As a matter of fact, it was India that pushed the envelope of Yoga at UNGA and received historic support of 177 nations who signed the draft as its cosponsors. As Indians, we also have to do our bit and take our nation towards global prominence by adopting fit and healthy activities. This could be something as small as walking a few footsteps towards an arriving Uber or choosing stairs instead of elevators and escalators, going for a run in a park nearby or joining the closest swimming center. We just need to take the first step.

Today, a movement of healthy living has been started by the government but it’s the people who have to lead and make it successful.
Exercises, Yoga and all these kinds of activities keep you fit and energetic. We all toil to achieve our objectives and to maintain the efforts. We need stress banger and refreshing mood as well.
That is what these activities do. A complete session usually provides ample of learning, workouts and an enthusiastic mood.

FITSO, having the same core and moral values, will soon emerge as the prime catalyst in driving this movement. It is providing all kinds of activities and exercises, swimming, running, squash, badminton, table tennis, to be named a few from the last 4 years. The key policies which are implemented via Fitso are very basic and deemed to be prolific. The environment in the vicinity of activities as grounds, pools are kept neat and clean throughout the sessions. All coaches are certified and well trained. Cognitive focus is kept on the amount of learning and improving, which is super fun and refreshing for all ages. We believe the same as the PM and definitely take a stand for this great cause.