Don’t just breathe with your Loved Ones, Start Living!

With all the fitness advice available everywhere, we all know how important it is for us to stay healthy. So, without blabbering much about its importance, let’s turn towards the fact that despite knowing how essential it is to stay fit, all of us run away from working out. Now come on, who wants to get up early in the morning and move muscles! After all, we’ll just get fitter, healthier or at the most, we’ll be able to enjoy life a little more with our loved ones, isn’t it?

Well, this is the whole point, LIFE… To stay fit and healthy is to enjoy LIFE. And who doesn’t want to enjoy life with spouse or buddies? Once gone, time’s never gonna bounce back, right? Okay, imagine some day one of your friends or maybe your spouse or your children want to plan for an adventurous trip somewhere. Would you like to turn down the offer owing to some health issues and then regretting that had you been more serious towards your health or taken steps earlier on, this wouldn’t have happened? Of course not.

How being unfit hampers your life?

Being unfit not only leads to low energy levels but also results in a weak immune system and depression that ultimately affects your family life and also your relationship with your loved ones. Several times at home, we pick up thoughtless fights with family and friends, the reason for this can be your inactive lifestyle which even affects mood adversely. An unfit couple won’t experience the anti-depressant and stress alleviating benefits of exercise. Furthermore, a deteriorating self-image can lead you to feel that you are losing control over your life generally, provoking panic and anxiety issues.

There are many excuses that we give ourselves for not starting to workout. Some common ones for instance are:

  • I have no time to exercise
  • I’m too lazy for this exercise thing
  • I am too tired today
  • I have family obligations
  • I don’t like working out, it’s so boring
  • I’m self-conscious about how I look when exercising
  • I’ve tried to exercise in the past but failed

Despite all these excuses, the good news is, it’s never too late to start. What if I tell you that all the motivation/reasons that you need for finally starting to workout or to make your present training programme more interesting is having a PARTNER? Yes, indeed. It has been proven that people who workout with a partner feel more energetic, comfortable and happier than those who workout alone.

Activities you can Enjoy as a Fit duo

There are so many adventure activities that you would like to do with your spouse or buddy but fail to do or keep avoiding them, due to you or your partners’ health. Let’s learn about some of these activities:

  • Re-live your childhood in an adventure park

Well, what if you have an energetic, extrovert partner who loves going to an adventure park? Being unhealthy, you always try to either postpone your trips or cancel them and keep waiting for the time when you will finally feel like experiencing some adventure. With the right kind of diet and exercise, you can get rid of your adventure blues and have that energy to match up to your partner.

  • Reach heights together with Hiking/Mountaineering

We all know how much stamina you require for activities like hiking/mountain climbing, which is just not possible when either or both of you are unfit. With the right kind of diet and training, you and your partner can achieve that level of fitness that you need to enjoy such activities.

  • Live the underwater experience together

Coming to water sports, there are many of us who resist them due to our health and fitness level and hence not being confident enough. Like many other adventure sports rafting and underwater sports too require stamina and a control on breathing. Again with workout and proper nutrition you can develop such fitness wherein you and your partner won’t have to think before stepping out for some hydro adventure!

  • Fly high with your partner with paragliding and parachuting

Now, there are some of us who fail to enjoy air adventure owing to numerous health issues. Some have breathing problem others have blood pressure problem and so on and the result being such buddies or couples, miss out on a surreal experience. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will let you overcome all such health issues with ease.

  • Be bold and beat the cold

There are many of us who even avoid going to cold places due to health concerns. Why? Because you or your partner feels nauseous, giddy, short of breath and the list goes on. No doubt all this can affect a healthy person too at higher altitudes but the symptoms can surely be controlled with the right kind of food and exercise. So, if for such reasons you have been cancelling your trips, think again! After all, you and your partner would not want to miss activities like skiing, ice skating, snow playing etc at such places.

  • Get ready for some Beach fun with your Partner

All of us enjoy spending time with family and friends at beaches too and there are so many things you can do at a beach with your partner like sea surfing etc. Don’t let your health, stand in between you and your enjoyment. Start taking care of you and your bestie from right now!

  • Go back to school fun with Biking

Biking is another sport you can enjoy with your partner but with poor nutrition and low fitness, it’s almost impossible to enjoy biking. It is not only fun but also one of the most logical and practical forms of exercises that you can enjoy.

Exercising together provides an opportunity to create such connection, benefiting both your health and your relationship. In other words, fitness can be about you, or it can be about you and your partner, so why not share this aspect of your lives, and discover how doing so might give your relationship a new dimension and new life.

“So explore your workout chemistry with your partner and vow to start working on your fitness with FITSO’s Matched Fit Programme. Train together, stay together and grow stronger together and trust me you’ll end up doing something worthwhile not just for yourself but your partner too!”