exercises you can do at home

Exercises you can do at home

Not everyone is a fan of going on runs or rides outside. If you want to stay fit but don’t want to go outdoors for it, here’s a list of exercises you can do at home.

There are hundreds of runners and cyclists out there working hard to achieve their goal. But it is not always that everyone gets ahead. Everyone has different needs but the only thing common that all of them need is strength training because these field of work is something which requires intense injury protection and muscle endurance. That’s exactly where strength training comes into picture as it prepares them for the sport they are playing to required intensity. Given below are some of the most popular strength training exercises to choose from.

1. Cardiovascular exercises

These are the workouts that cause increase in pulse rate and generate moderate amount of sweat. It also improves the breathing systems. Simple example of these are jogging, cycling, skipping or even dancing.

2. Jump squats

Jump squat is a compound exercise that is useful to build up lower body while conditioning whole body muscles. Known for its simplicity, it is very easy to perform jump squats. Bend your knees until a right angle is formed and jump back up after momentarily pause.

3. Pile squats

This modified version of regular squat with added benefits is an easy to do exercise to stretch knee muscles and work up lower body part. To perform pile squats, Keep your feet in V-position, bend down and jump back up after a while.

4. Bicep Curl and stair climb

As it is commonly known, it is better to choose stairs rather than escalators for fitness. This particular workout combination uses this fact and works towards improving arm strength while conditioning the leg muscles. To perform this exercise, you are required to hold dumbbells with your hand and do stair climbing.

5. Hip extension

As the name itself suggests, this exercise stretches hips and improves muscle endurance. It is quite easy to practice this. Stand straight, extend right leg in backward direction, holding dumbbells, lean forward and move your arms to side making a T with shoulders.

6. The plank

This is a good exercise to achieve a toned belly and improved flexibility. It is one of the simplest exercises you can do from home. Lie down with elbows on floor, lift your body up keeping it straight, pause for a minute and get back to initial position.

7. Jackknife

Jackknife improves flexibility of core muscles and burns fat. However, you should not perform this exercise for more than 3 seconds. Start with lying on your back and lift your legs and try to touch them in mid-air. Hold it for a while and get back in starting position.

8. Push-up and side plank

This particular exercise combines benefits of both – pushups and plank. It builds up upper body and stretches the core muscles. To perform this, start with normal push up and do a side plank towards the end.

9. Lunges with chest flies

This exercise helps to improve your balance and flexibility while working towards a symmetric body. To perform this, hold a dumbbell in each hand and perform simple lunges while stretching your arms to sides. While coming back in initial position, press your hands to the front. Continue for one minute with each leg.

10. Lunges with triceps kickback

This exercise improves upper body muscle endurance and builds the front muscles. This particular exercise is performed as you complete first set of lunges. First, perform a lunge, then straighten up your arms as you come back to initial position. Repeat this for a minute for required results. As you leave lunge position, straighten your arms for triceps kickback. Do this for a minute.

11. Stretching

Stretching helps to prepare yourself pre or after workout. Stretching is to put body in position that creates tension in muscles. This improves flexibility and as a result, risk of injuries during workout is reduced. It also increases blood flow to the muscles. However, there are certain ways to perform stretching and if not followed them, stretching might have adverse effects rather than benefits.

12. Push-ups

Push-ups is the most effective and time saving exercises to tone up the upper body with enhanced core muscles. Different types of push-ups affect different areas of upper body. It also improves the cardiovascular system, metabolism and body posture with flexibility. It is important to check if your shoulders and elbows are strong enough to endure the strain before doing push-ups. Warm-up before push-ups helps to solve that problem.

13. Front chin-ups

Front chin-ups work to condition the upper back muscles and biceps while effectively improving muscular endurance. To do front chin-ups, grab a pull-up bar with palms facing towards you and pull the body up until your chin is over bar, pause momentarily and get back down. For novices, chin-ups can be difficult to perform but if done regularly, it gets easier.

14. Back chin-ups

Back chin-ups are similar to front chin-ups except that palms are faced away and as you go up, head goes in front of the bar. It has similar benefits as front chin-ups but it is slightly more risky as it might strain the shoulder and hyper-extend the neck muscles. Hence, you should only include this in your workout session if only you are comfortable.

15. Parallel dips

Parallel dips are useful to build lower pectoral and triceps. To perform, grab parallel bars with each hand, push the body down until shoulders are stretched and then push back up. You should be able to handle your own bodyweight while dipping. However, some gyms have machines nowadays that assists you if you are not able to dip. Parallel dips are beneficial to work the chest but if pushed down too low, they can damage the shoulders so you should be careful knowing when to stop.

16. Squats

Squat is a compound workout that trains the lower body muscles and joints. While doing squats, stand with feet shoulder width apart, start bending knees until 90-degree angle is formed while breathing in and get up breathing out. Most popular for its simplicity, you can also perform various other forms of squat for enhanced benefits.

17 Iron Cross squats

Including the advantages of simple squats, this particular exercise has additional benefit of toning shoulders and forearms by including dumbbells. It is done similarly as normal squat except while going down, you move dumbbells in front and while getting up dumbbells move to sides.

18. Weight-lift

Weightlifting is one of the most popular exercises among body builders because of its effectiveness to burn fat and shape up the body. It improves muscle coordination and reduces the risk of diabetes as muscles consume glucose from blood so sugar level goes down. It also improves mental health. However, you should be careful while weight training as it is about quality rather than quantity. Hence, important is to know the techniques and make the best of the training.

19. Lower back

These exercises tend to reduce back pain and provide injury protection while improving overall functionalities of body. Exercises such as hyperextensions, deadlift etc. are categorized under lower back exercises. Just remember to consult your trainer before indulging into these exercises because if done wrongly, these can be harmful.

In nutshell, above are various forms of strength training which cater to different needs such as neuromuscular training, injury avoidance or fat reduction. But all of them have one common goal – they work towards sustaining your body strength. So, now it’s your turn to choose what is best for you and train hard to achieve your goal.

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