Dull sex life? Check out how exercising improves your sex life

Why exercise for better sex life?

Do you feel lazy to workout? Weight loss and fitness don’t motivate you enough to hit the gym? What if we tell you that there is a magic solution for that? Yes, you read that right, exercise for better sex! Not only will it improve your body and performance, but will get you to do those steamy moves you have always fantasized 

Any form of exercise can help you spice up your sex life for good. It can be gym workouts, cycling or running. Do you think you exercise early in the morning before your brain thinks what on earth you are doing? There are endless reasons why exercise is good for you. Apart from that working out with your partner is a boost. Check it out here: Couples who train together stay together

exercise for better sex

Studies have found that there is a direct link between leading a lifestyle with no regular physical activity and lack of potency in the bedroom. Physically fit men have an edge over the others in the bedroom as it relates to stable testosterone levels and increased libido. These often decline as men age. A person’s physical appearance can be beneficial on a mental level as well. When you look and feel healthy, it’ll result in increased self-esteem.


Follow these exercise for better sex..uhh uhhh steamy sex

exercise for better sex

The link between a fit body and sexual performance is not the only factor that may increase your sexual pleasure. Some researchers found that a good exercise program, good diet habits, smoking cessation and getting plenty of rest will have a positive effect on sexual performance for people of all ages.

God must love calories, because he made so many. But sex doesn’t! Researchers from University of California-San Diego conducted a research. As a part of their research, they studied 78 middle-aged men who were on an aerobic exercise program. They instructed the men to exercise at moderate intensity for 60 minutes a day, for three or four days a week. After exercising regularly for nine months, these men reported that their sex life was more satisfying and they had better stamina and orgasms. 17 men who performed light exercises such as walking at a slow pace stated that they had no significant improvement in their sex lives.

exercise for better sex

Exercising will increase your potency in the bedroom. It also makes the sexual experience more enjoyable. If this doesn’t convince you, here are some of the ways that prove how exercising can improve your sexual performance and experience.


Running- for Sex and Cardio Endurance

“And then god said ‘Let there be sexy people’, so he made runners.”

exercise for better sex - running

For a good sexual performance, you need to have a basic cardio endurance level. Without it, you might have to take a rest every now and you might not be able to keep up with your partner. Running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. It helps the heart’s performance. It boosts your endurance through the roof. A boost in endurance level will also boost your sexual performance. Well, sex is a great cardiovascular workout in itself. The harder the session, the more your heart rate will increase. 😉 Running will make this experience all the more better.


Pushups- to make You Feel Sexier

exercise for better sex - pelvic sercise

Probably the best exercise for better sex. Feeling sexy and confident in bed is one of the most important things for a good sexual performance. There is definitely no doubt about it! Luckily, people who do push-ups regularly have a great body shape. They are usually healthier and younger. They have more attractive bodies than people who do not workout regularly. Being comfortable and loving your body gives you and your partner a better sex experience. The better you feel, the more sex you’ll have.

Those pelvic muscles got a move!! Almost all positions require pelvic movements and variants of pushup are great to enhance them. The better you feel, the more sex you’ll have. For the couch potatoes out there this could be the only exercise for better sex.


Pelvic floor exercises- to reduce Erectile Dysfunction

exercise for better sex - pelvic exercise

Sometimes, enough thoughts can ‘raise’ a man’s penis 😉 Otherwise, erectile dysfunction is a man’s first enemy It is caused by circulatory problems. If the penis swells with blood, there can be a full erection. If you have any problem or irregularity such as high blood pressure, blocked arteries or other cardiovascular problems, they can interfere with that process. This will cause erectile dysfunction.

Fret not, doing pelvic floor exercises keeps your heart healthy and keeps the blood flow smooth. This boosts your confidence in bed. And these moves will come in handy when you are getting hot 😉


Cycling- to get you a Little Bit High

People turn to mind-altering substances like alcohol and marijuana to get in the mood. These drugs relax them and lower their stress levels and inhibitions. Do you want to catch that same chill vibe? Well, you can turn to cycling. You can thank endocannabinoids that are released when you bike.

They belong to the same family of chemicals that give smokers their high. Cycle regularly for that blissed feeling you get when you get on your bike. Exercise triggers the feel good, stress busting hormones and releases them in the right amounts.

exercise for better sex - cycling

Cycling regularly also keeps the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in check. This means you will feel less stressed overall, never too ‘tyred’. Research finds that if you are less stressed, arousal will be easier for you. You’ll be in the ‘mood’ without drugs and you would enjoy sex more often. Cycling gets your heart pumping and legs working without jamming your joints. You can enjoy and benefit from bike rides no matter how young or old you are.


Jogging- to energize the pump

exercise for better sex - sweating body

Exercising energizes your body. When you jog regularly, you are never too tired to tango. It increases blood flow and improves your cardiovascular health. Both of these factors have been scientifically proven to be good for your sex life.

Researchers from Duke University state that women who are physically active enjoy sex more than their sedentary peers. They are more easily aroused, especially soon after exercising. This is perhaps why surveys show that people who exercise more also have more sex.

exercise for better sex - sexy body

Exercise should not be considered the only remedy for all sexual dissatisfactions or dysfunctions. However, if you are planning to improve your sex life through exercise, you should adopt a more comprehensive and healthier lifestyle. This will increase the possibility of you fully experiencing your sexual peak.

exercise for better sex - sexy body

Balance is the key

To have a more satisfactory and healthier sex life, you must keep your exercise in balance. Doing too much will boomerang on you. A balanced exercise regime is one that gets you running or cycling three to four times week, for 30-45 minutes each session.

Of course, the time and intensity of each workout session depends on how fit you are and how well you are trained. Exercise is about improving your life, the vice versa is not true. Always remember to stay within your fitness level. Exercise for better sex is a lifestyle choice. Don’t lose so much sweat that you have to run around in the shower to get wet! Let sex do that job 😉


Stay happy, stay Fitso!
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