10 Essential Swimming Accessories Every Swimmer Should Carry

Swimming is a wonderful sport for your mind and body. Once you get in the pool for the first time and begin swimming, you’ll wish you had started sooner. Ever wondered if swimming accessories are important for a beginner and if yes which ones are worth investing in? In this article, we shall give you a sneak peek inside a swimmer’s bag. If you are spending a lot of time in the pool it is recommended to put together your own bag of essential swim gears and below we list the swimming accessories that each and every serious swimmer must be rocking in their swim bag. If you’re a beginner these tools will certainly help you to jump in the pool and get started right away!

Mandatory essentials and Basic swimming accessories

           1. Swimming suit

swimming accessoriesObviously one needs swimming suit to learn how to swim. For men, these generally include swim briefs or swimming trunks. Boardshorts aren’t actually good for swimming purpose as they tend to create too much drag. Additionally, they are forbidden in certain pools for basic hygienic reasons. For women, the primary comfortable swimsuit is the one-piece swimsuit.

  1. Goggles

swimming accessories

Swimming goggles are very important for vision underwater. They also function as protectors of your eyes and maintain clarity underwater.Swim goggles keep the pool chemicals like chlorine and also your hair out of your eyes so you can see where you’re going.

  1. Swim Caps

swimming accessories

Swimming cap should be present in every swimmer’s swimming accessories bag. They are available in many alternatives, and it is crucial to find the one that fits your head perfectly.Majorly they are made in three primary materials such as latex, silicon, and lycra. A swimming cap keeps your hair somewhat dry and protected from the pool chemicals, and also keeps your hair out of your face and mouth when swimming

  1. Swim trunks

swimming accessories

Swimming trunks for men appear like shorts but are made particularly for wearing in the water. Various styles of trunks have particular features like the type of material they are made of or the kind of fitting they provide. There are some men’s swimming trunks that have a net lining that is perfect considering the comfort factor. The netted lining within the swim trunks are designed to cover the crotch area.

     5. Kickboards

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Spending more time on the kickboard aids in enhancing the motor movements. Why is this possible?  This is because your legs are the biggest muscle in the body and tend to suck up a lot of oxygen. Therefore, possessing good kick fitness is important. Good kickboards become crucial to win races. Though having a powerful kick does not directly give you an added propulsion, however better leg fitness will help you to maintain a better body position. It also enhances the ability to execute a powerful pulling motion.

  1. Ear plugs

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The two types of swimming ear plugs are custom fit plugs and one-size-fits-all swim plugs. Ear tubes are small sized cylinders that are placed through the eardrum. Doctors recommend frequent use of swimming ear plugs when diving or swimming. The benefits of wearing swimming ear plugs include prevention of water entering into the ear canal and protection from both ear infections and irritations. They also avoid ear aches and enable people to enjoy swimming in spite of suffering from a perforated eardrum.

  1. Nose clips

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Swimming nose clips (or nose plugs) are small pieces of bent wire. They are designed in a padded form with rubber such that one can stick them inside the nose. They are specifically designed to keep the water out by squeezing the nostrils together. This is very beneficial if your nose is allergic to pool chemicals (such as chlorine). While learning freestyle stroke, using nose plugs avoids water from entering the nose especially when one rotates the head to breathe. While learning backstroke, it again prevents the water from entering the nose if you lack balance or in case the water is projected at your face by the recovering arm.

This is all you need! If you are just a beginner, it is integral to keep it basic for now and then move on to other swim training gear, like fins, snorkels, hand paddles, etc. for more intense swim workouts.

Swimming accessories for advanced swimmers

  1. Hand Paddles

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This equipment complements the pull buoy for swim pull sets. One can also use them for full swims to get greater resistance. You can also use them only with the finger strap. Removing the wrist strap that comes with them helps correct hand entry and exit ensuring the correct path of the pull. However, if the technique is rough, doing this could likely cause the paddle to be removed from the hand as you swim.

     2. Snorkels

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The swimmer’s snorkel could be utilized to enhance just about anything you think of in the water. For instance, from developing a more balanced stroke, to performing kick work that mimics effective body position. They are economical, versatile, and aid in becoming a better swimmer. Some swimmers perform freestyle kicking back and forth without any splash. The only signal of disturbance in the water are the brightly-colored snorkels that cut silently through the water.

    3. Fins

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Lastly, we have what can be assumed to be one of the most favorite pieces of swimming accessories for a swimmer: fins! Putting a pair of swim fins can do some different things to transform you into a better swimmer. They develop greater flexibility and range of motion in the ankles and feet, in addition to that they can also aid in sensitizing a person to swim at race pace or even faster. Itcan teach to breathe properly and maintain proper technique while swimming at a greater velocity. Swimming and kicking with fins is a different experience with a whole lot of fun. They can be used for sprint work to feel fast moving water and to adjust the stroke to faster speeds.