Enjoy Summer At Our Pools The Whole Year!

Swimming is a sport for the summers because water and winter don’t exactly go together. Correct? WRONG! At Fitso we have taken the task to remove this myth. As a result, more than 5000 people from all over Delhi NCR have already joined us so far for swimming this winter.

Forget Gym. Join Swimming

Swimming is an activity that is better than going to a gym. While you need to exhaust yourself with many different types of exercises in a gym, swimming, if done around the year, can alone build your health as no gym can do.

swimming is an all year round sport

Preventing the Winter Flab

We understand that discontinuation of the activity when the weather shifts from summer to winter has the potential of negating the good that six months of swimming has done in summers. That flab on your body will return in winters when you have left swimming. If you are really committed to your health continue swimming in winters too. But how would people get into the water in winters? Let alone swim!

Temperature Controlled pools

At Fitso, we have Indoor pools all around Delhi-NCR which have water that is Temperature Controlled. Now, many parents would worry about their children catching a cold if they go to water during winters but the fact is that they have more chance of catching a cold if they go to the local market or attend their schools than swimming at our pools. 

“Children who participate in year-round swimming programs do not get more coughs and colds than their non-swimming counterparts, in fact, swimming is one of the exercises that strengthen the immune system and it is also very healthy for the lungs.” – Mrs. Vijayshree Pahal

Although swimming at our pools is safe but parents should take extra precautions to ensure their kids don’t end up sick.

swimming is an all year round sport

Precautions parents should take, not just for winters but for all seasons-

  • Keep your child warm after their lesson.
  • Dry them quickly & dry their hair as best as possible
  • Make sure they wear a swimming cap to keep their hair dry.
  • Put them in warm clothes after their lesson.