eat when you are hungry

Eat When You Are Hungry to Stay Fit and Healthy

Hunger is the word which lets us forget all our rational thoughts hanging around. We head directly towards the kitchen when hunger pang starts and all our motive, commitment, and new year resolution just for a bite of food goes in vain. It’s a fact that, for human existence, hunger is death and satisfying hunger is life.

So guys! the right way to satisfy one’s hunger is “Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full”.

How to figure out when to eat and when to stop?

eat when you are hungry

First, Know the difference between these two!

The older we get, the more distorted our views of eating become. We start listening to our mind instead of the body and eat in emotion which gives us horrible results, so to deal with this issue, one should be aware of the differences between a hunger clue.

Physical Hunger                                    Emotional Hunger

Comes on gradually                                 Comes sudden and urgent

Stop when full                                         Never stop on own

Satisfied with any food                            Carving for specific food

Not feeling of guilt                                   Causes of feeling of guilt

Second, Measure yourself on hunger scale

Hunger scale is an effective tool for measuring when to eat and when to stop, which start at 0 and ends at 10. If you rate your hunger level before and after every meal then soon you will be familiar with your eating pattern. Below is the explanation of a hunger scale from 0 to 10.

eat when you are hungry

0 for empty: Means you have a real hunger for food, your body is begging for food, and you haven’t eaten any food for more than 7 hours.

1 for ravenous: You may feel uncomfortable and weak as you haven’t eaten food for a longer period, your stomach forming acid and you will start suffering from a headache and become fragile.

2 for over hungry: You may feel very irritable and nauseous.

3 for Hunger Pang: You will feel that mouse’s are dancing in the stomach, which may increase your urge for eating. You want to eat at any cost.

4 for hunger awakens: Your body is making an alarm for you to eat. You may feel less uncomfortable and start thinking about the food. It’s a right time to eat.

5 for neutral: You may feel less satisfied but could eat a little more food.

6 for just satisfied: You may feel perfectly comfortable and satisfied. So it’s the time to stop eating.

7 for completely satisfied: You may feel little uncomfortable as your body says “No” but your mind says “Yes” for few more bite. Your psychological hunger force you to eat more but you should stop eating any cost.

8 for full and uncomfortable: You may feel overeaten and may need to loosen your clothes.

9 for stuffed: You feel bloated and heavy all the day. You are now in the stage of full and uncomfortable and there is no space in your tummy for any single bite.

10 for the sick: You are so full that you can’t move to a single step, you may feel like never look at this food again in life.

Right Time to Much the Food

Eat When You Are Hungry

When body say “Yes”

Your body is your best friend, which reliably guide you when it’s full and when it’s empty. So before opening the door of your refrigerator just listen to your body signals, if body says “Yes” then it’s a right time to satisfy your hunger clues.

Learn from best dietitian “kids”

Yes, you will laugh aloud! but it’s true kids is one of the best dietitians in the world. They always listen to their body and eat only when they are hungry and stop when they are full. They never count calories, fat, and carbohydrates, they simply eat when they feel hungry. To be fit and healthy, kids always eat snacks in every 2 hours.

Eat When You Are Hungry

Do you know the best part of eating when you are hungry is:

1. Helps in losing the weight

Yes, it helps in shades the extra pounds and keeps you always fit and healthy with the help of this eating habit:

  • Replace the food with healthy food such as lean protein, low-fat and low card diet and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Take more than 20 minutes to consume your meal which helps the brain to signal that your stomach is full.
  • Eliminate all distraction while you are eating which helps you to concentrate on food quantity.

2. Helps you in guide naturally when your body need more energy.

3. Listen to your body and eat accordingly can also good for your mindfulness.

4. Save your money and time from unnecessary eating.

5. Distract your mind and body from emotional eating.

eat when you are hungry

The bad part of eating when you are hungry is:

  • Hunger for a long period increase your appetite and you may overeat which hamper your weight loss goal.
  • Not good for the people who suffer from blood sugar regulation issues.

Let’s make some comparison between these two to clear all your doubts!

Eating on schedule Vs Eating when you are hungry

  • To prevent from any energy dip, craving and metabolism slowdown eat when you are hungry is a better option.
  • Recognise your hunger signals and respect them is the best way to deal with your hunger.
  • If you graze on food all the day then you should skip your meals to prevent you from extra pounds and maintain a healthy meal routine.
  • Eating at regular interval is the good option when you follow this rule: heavy breakfast, eating only a part of lunch and saving rest for snacks and take a light food in dinner.

Another major part is how do identify the signs of real hunger and emotional hunger?

eat when you are hungry

Real hunger symptoms are:

  • Dizziness
  • Stomach cramping
  • Drop in blood sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Uncomfortable
  • Not able to concentrate.

Emotional hunger occurs:

  • When you are lonely
  • Sad
  • Bored
  • Lots of fried and sweet food around which increase your carve
  • Stressed

At last, we can say that give a small place to food in your life and eat when you’re physically carving for food and stop when you’re physical satisfied. Try to avoid any emotional eating and live a healthy long life.