Drinking Vodka is Healthier than Munching Lays

Hey party lovers! If you wish that you could enjoy partying, drinking and eating without worrying about the rise in figures on the weighing scale the next morning, read on.

What is life without celebrations, and alcoholic beverages are an integral part of social get together, and though you may try, it becomes really hard to resist the pressure and temptation to enjoy food and drinks when in a company. We have come up with a ready reckoner to get you prepped for the party, to help you make the right choice for drinks and snacks, for a minimum invasive impact on your diet and health.

How do you choose your drink?

Sadly, alcohol does contain calories, as a matter of fact, some variants contain a lot more of calories than their peers. Here we compare the calories in alcohol, to help you choose them wisely.

  • Beer


When you drink beer, the fat metabolism becomes slow as our body burns alcohol instead of fat. As more calories point to more alcohol, the strong beers have more adverse effect on your fitness.

A pint of beer on an average contains 130 calories. As on an average, you consume 2 pints of beer in a party, making an informed choice can cut down your calorie intake by over  100 calories:

Comparision of Calories in Beer
Comparision of Calories in Beer
  • Whiskey

They say “Real men drink Whiskey”, but how do real men decide which whiskey to have. This choice is most often a style statement and most often people stick with a particular brand. A large peg of whiskey on an average contains 140 calories and amongst the popular brands, Royal Stag has the highest of 152 calories with Black Dog a close second with 150 calories per peg. Here are some popular brands with their calorie content:

Comparision of Calories in Whishkey
Comparision of Calories in Whiskey
  • Rum

The choice of soldiers, for the calming, muscle relaxing, and antimicrobial properties, the best advantage of Rum is the way it is metabolized in the body, it does not leave you with a hangover. Almost similar to whiskey calorie wise, a peg of Rum contains 140 calories. Here are some popular brands with their calorie content:

Comparision of Calories in Rum
Comparision of Calories in Rum
  • Vodka

Termed as the “Ladies Drink”, mostly because of lesser scent, Vodka is a popular choice amongst men as well. It is used in most good-looking cocktails owing to its colourless nature. Vodka slows down the lipid oxidation by the body by 73% for several hours after consumption, which leads to storage of fats. Popular vodka brands and their calorie content:

Comparision of Calories in Vodka
Comparision of Calories in Vodka
  • Wine

Preferred by ladies largely due to its anti ageing and antioxidant properties, wine is definitely the healthiest option when it comes to alcohol. A glass or two is enough to make you feel euphoric and given the health benefits it brings along, wine should definitely be the preferred drink at any party. A huge difference in calories between the popular brands, here is what will help you which one to choose.

Comparision of Calories in Wine
Comparision of Calories in Wine


Who is the real culprit while we blame alcohol?

While we are concentrating on alcohol, trying to find the lowest calorie and healthiest option, the only thing we need to decide is whether we are having beer, wine or spirits. Alcohol is alcohol and is the same organic compound “ethanol” in each and every drink. There is no difference in the way it is metabolised by the body be it in wine, beer or any other spirit. The advantage of having wine or beer is that there are no added calories of aerated drinks and sweetened juices, and the antioxidants they contain.

Consuming alcohol does activate the brain cells that make us feel hungry, however, the main culprit for weight gain is not alcohol, it is the stuff that is consumed along with alcohol that is to be blamed, and when we eat wrong, it does wrong.

The snacks that are usually consumed in parties, or available at the pubs are plain simple carbohydrates, the super-rich in calories, fried in fat and served with some more fat to make them easily gobble-able. Here is a small compilation of party snacks and their calorie content for a quick comparison:

Some of them must have come as a shocker, but it is true, they are secret enemies of your diet. Please note the special case of Peanuts and Paneer Tikka – although they have a high content, they are a rich source of good fat, which accounts for more than 50% of the fat content. Also, Masala Papad and Momos, despite having low-fat content, are made of maida, which has high Glycemic index. That’s why we have placed them in the non-preferred category.

Comparision of Snacks
Comparision of Snacks

And since giving up of celebrations is just not an option, we suggest some healthy accompaniments go with your drinks.

  1. Vegetable Crudites: Blanched vegetable cut in sticks can be had with a yoghurt dip, which makes for a healthy and zero oil snack.
  2. Finger Salad: A salad of fruits and vegetables like capsicum, cucumber, pineapple, and an apple cut in fingers in a honey, salt and a black pepper dressing is a yummy snack to relish with drinks.
  3. Masala Roasted Black Gram: Substituting the peanuts in masala peanuts with roasted chana makes it a high fibre, protein rich and low-calorie spicy snack.

All said & done, alcohol must be consumed with some precautions.

  1. Stay hydrated: It is a myth that beer is good for hydration. For every 200 ml of beer, you urinate approximately 320 ml, and this causes dehydration. You need to consume more water when you have alcohol, in order to keep your body hydrated.
  2. Consume more protein: Alcohol slows the fat burning process. With lower lipid oxidation, any excess carbohydrate in the body is converted and stored as fat. In order to avoid this, you need to consume more protein-based snack to avoid fat storage.
  3. Don’t drink empty stomach: Alcohol must never be taken empty stomach as it disturbs the stomach lining. Try to eat something prior to having alcohol to save the stomach lining. You can have 2 bananas half an hour before or have some light food.

Alcohol helps you lose inhibitions, feel free and relaxed as it calms the nerves and slows down the brain activity. Though these effects are enjoyable and calming, excess of everything is bad. Moderation is always the best approach for anything in life. Choosing the right drink and right snack shall help you maintain good figure and health in the long run. Drink safe. Be safe!