Obesity solution

Do’s And Don’ts Of Obesity

Obesity is an excessive and abnormal accumulation of fat cells in the body. A chronic disease by Nature, Obesity is increasingly becoming a global health issue that has reached epidemic proportions in India and other developed countries. Besides being a threat to the economy it has multiple serious long-term consequences such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases etc.

But the good news is that timely treatment and proper diet management can treat obesity and help obese people to get back in to their normal ideal body weight and also prevents from lifestyle diseases in future.

The optimal management of overweight and obesity requires a combination of therapeutic modified well calculated diet, little bit homely exercise, and lifestyle modification.

Here are some general dietary guidelines which needs to be followed on a regular basis:

– Include plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits in your diet as these are the good source of antioxidants
– Have whole grain cereals and pulses like Muesli, Quiona, Dalia, Barley, Multi Grain Flour, Dals etc
– Include one to two servings of excellent source of protein rich food like lean meat & poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, paneer or yoghurt
– Choose healthy snacks like handful of nuts, as these are the good sources of essential fatty acids
– Drink plenty of water
– Limit the intake of foods containing saturated fats, sugars and alcohol

Now a days we have seen people moving towards FAD diets for weight loss to attain quick results but it is highly recommended to avoid such kind of FAD diets as these are not sustainable, can make you feel ill, and might cause unpleasant long-term and short-term side effects.

As we are aware the lower body metabolism and poor insulin sensitivity occurs due to unbalanced diet and Lack of nutrients which leads to metabolic disturbance, obesity and other fatal diseases like diabetes.

Since Past 9 + years, I have been conducting specialized weight loss, sports nutrition and other therapeutic programs which is based on a unique method of improving body metabolism, stamina and insulin sensitivity. Every individual body is different so before recommending any diet plans, initially we try to identify the root cause of weight gain or any other medical issues by doing various assessments and discussion, then will analyse your food record and ask you series of general health questions including anthropometric(Height, Weight & Waist line). Then we provide dietary recommendation, tips, resources and even recipes based on your specific needs. Further we work with you, to plan your diet as per your BMR(Basel Matabolic Rate) and other nutritional requirement to help you overcome the barrier.

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