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The Horrible Truth of Drinking Diet Sodas

Any restaurant or an eatery you go, the most common thing we find on the menu is fancy soda drink names. It’s unfortunate to see kids consume these with so much fervour that even water seems repugnant to them. Not to mention my own daughter who is equally fond of these diet soda drinks, that she does not miss a chance to grab a glass of it at social gatherings or birthday parties. She very well knows that it is the only time I allow it, so she devours every sip of it unlike anything I have known.

water or diet soda?

Personally, I have always been anti-soda. I prefer a glass of clean drinking water anytime. And if I feel like quenching my thirst with something different, there is always the good old tender coconut juice or the sugarcane juice. Irrespective of all the glamorous advertisement or mumbo-jumbo of diet soda, water prevails above it all. At least I hope it does…

So why is that these diet sodas are so popular among people of all ages. I would be lying if I said I have never tasted them before and it does taste pretty good, to be honest. So perhaps taste could be one factor for its popularity. Or is it because it is endorsed by sports or movie celebrities that it has gained so much ground for popularity. Or are we so insanely addicted to these drinks that despite knowing the harms of it, we continue to replenish them over and over in our daily routine? I know there has been many articles and news regarding the same in the past, probably instigating changes in some people.

Regular consumption of these diet sodas has an alarming effect on your health. For instance, it has a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetics than people who consume a single serving in a month. Obesity has increased one and half times more in women and more than doubled in men in the past decade according to the National family Health Survey. These are some of the most evident effects of diet soda. It is also been estimated that about 80% of deaths occur because sugary drinks are associated with weight gains and diabetics.

In an effort to reinforce the ill effects of diet soda, here are some menace it causes your body.

diet soda harm effects

  • Obesity: It is no quantum physics to understand that sugary beverages cause obesity both in children and adults. What is considered normal consumption that is one or to two glasses of diet soda every day is enough to cause havoc to your health and throw your metabolism out of control which could lead to elevated blood pressure, belly fat, low cholesterol. The effects may not be immediate, but in the long run, it is sure to put on extra kilos around your waistline. These drinks claim to have zero or empty calories. This technically means it should help people lose weight, but evidence for the same is completely non-existent. It’s as good as consuming a different kind of sweet poison.
  • Prone to type II diabetes: People who consume diet soda on a daily basis are at a higher risk of this disease. According to studies, women are at a higher risk of type II diabetes than men. Researchers have also concluded an alarming rate of increase in this disease over the past decade and have inflicted more than 300 million people worldwide.

diet soda causes depression

  • Depression: There is a strong association between diet soda consumption and depression. Adults who drank diet soda daily were at a 30% higher risk of depression.
  • Nil nutritional value: It has no calories in it, but at the same time it does not do any good to your body either. So instead of getting carried away with all the fizz, bubbles, and colour have a glass of water, which does a far better job than these drinks.

Apart from the above-mentioned effects, it also causes to weaken your bones especially in women, erode your enamel, increase your chance of vascular adversity.

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Despite having only negative effects on your body, people still consume them. It’s either because people are naive or plain foolish. There will always be many tempting options around us, but there is only one mind and that belongs to you. So in the future, before you extend your hand towards these diet soda’s think twice or more, if needed.