Diet Impact On Child Intelligence During Pregnancy

early pregnancy diet and intelligence

To be a mother is certainly an inexplicable feeling to get accommodated in the space of words. But wouldn’t it add more to the gaiety of being a mom of a brainy child? Wouldn’t you take pride in seeing your kid outperforming in every realm of life? Needless to say, every mom craves for that. But in order to pacify this craving of yours, you need to restrict the cravings your tongue throws at you.

Research says that the apt diet during pregnancy has more to foster the brain development of a child than that done post-pregnancy. In other words, a healthy baby landing on the mother’s cupped hands is predetermined by the healthy ambiance it is exposed to in a mother’s womb. It is rather foetus which is more care-demanding than the born baby.

Dependency of a child’s intelligence on the pregnancy diet has been established by the medical connoisseurs and hence not a figment by the ancestors. For the generation today, implementations hinge on the evidences. And now that the fact is approved by researchers, expecting mothers are expected to stick to a healthy pregnancy diet.

Today’s healthy diet is tomorrow’s healthy baby

Nutrition affects intelligence and the analytical studies have found that these, Vitamin B, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, iron and iodine, few nutrients have much to govern the overall healthy development of foetus. Medical professionals figured out that how pivotal each of the nutrients was to the evolving embryo.

early pregnancy diet and intelligence

Keep autism at bay

Adequate intake of fish during pregnancy, as studied, diminishes the oddity of autism-affected infants. It is actually the abundance of omega 6 fatty acid and DHA in fish which dilutes the probability of autism in an infant. Folic acid which has been best known for its assistance in building up brain cells is too claimed to have dampening effect on the misfortune of autism in a new-born. A slew of sources of folic acid and omega 6 fatty acids are readily available. Foods such as walnuts, flaxseed and eggs are enriched with these compounds. All you need to do is be devoted to this cheap and healthy diet.

early pregnancy diet and intelligence

Enhanced intelligence

The studies had revealed that mothers with greater omega-3 fatty acid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) bore infants with higher IQ. Moreover, it was found that such-likes were two months advanced than those born to low blood level of DHA. Inclusion of fish in diet is also responsible for higher IQ. Micronutrient called choline present in eggs and bacon too has been associated with IQ of a child. For it accentuates the development of a child’s brain.

You have to keep in mind that too much of food and no exercise can make your child a tad less than your expectation.  According to the research experts, exercising moms gave birth to more proficient children than the mom who remained inactively settled.

early pregnancy diet and intelligence

Women are often diagnosed with low thyroid hormone during pregnancy and unquestionably, it imposes serious threat to the foetus. Low level of thyroid can end up in the birth of a slightly retarded child. It is recommended to consume requisite amount of iodine to let the thyroid gland work smoothly. Milk and yogurt are the ideal sources of iodine.

Having learnt these simple pregnancy certitudes, to-be-moms should unfailingly abide by cheap and healthy diet. After all, what good reading this blog is of if not put into use?

Learn to say no to harmful temptations

Not that alcohol should be banned in your life, but yes, it should be if you are about to be a mom. Alcohol trickles down the placenta and reaches the womb, the baby’s home, it intoxicates the foetus then and there. Poor memory, low cognitive skills, inefficient reasoning skills, impulsive tendencies and weak concentration are the ill-effects of relishing spirits. In many uncontrollable drinking cases, a child is born with FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome). FAS is associated with a smaller head which keeps the brain malnourished and hence underdeveloped.

Smoking too is too bad a habit a pregnant woman can carry on with. Smoking constricts blood vessels and hence obstructs the adequate blood flow through placenta which culminates in the undernourished fetus. Prolific presence of nicotine deters the growth of brain cells, in other words, cognitive development.

Your child becomes what you eat

Under the light of science, medical experts could actually infer that nutrition affects intelligence. Resultantly, such research had been and can be of great benefit to moms.

In fact, research also proves that the way moms treat their palate during their pregnancy leaves the ditto effect on the palates of their children later on. Hence, healthy palate gives birth to another healthy palate and therefore a healthy life.

To be a mother of a child is a matter of nine months but to be a healthy mother of a healthy child is an endeavor of nine long healthy months. Do always remember that your child becomes what you eat during pregnancy.