My journey in Desert 500

Desert 500 has been the journey of my lifetime. It was one of the most difficult endurance-testing challenge I have undertaken

This cycling challenge sets out their riders in India’s Thar Desert, from the famous city of Jodhpur-OsiyanPhalodiRamdevra-Pokhran-DechooPhalodi-Nagaur and back.

A total journey of 500 kilometers to be completed in 24 hours! 

I practiced for 2-3 months with interval training, strength building and long distance cycling (200km) for endurance. I had to monitor what I eat and always followed a strict diet.

 The D-Day was on 27th Feb 2016, the starting point being Bijolai Palace, A Tree-house Palace Hotel Jodhpur. At 11am there was a debriefing of the route description along with the bike and support vehicle inspection. All the bikers were excited and ready to test their limits and give their best.