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Best Cycling Tracks In And Around Bangalore

Cycling has emerged as a popular fitness activity and a means of travelling to beat the increasing traffic in Bangalore. The city has several clubs and groups for like-minded cycling enthusiasts to meet up and share their experiences. Cycling events are also held throughout the year. The city is now on its way to being nicknamed the ‘Cycling Capital of India’, a mantle that was held by Pune till some years ago.

Let us learn about some of these cycling tracks in Bangalore city where you can experience amazing adventure and pleasure rides in your bicycle.

  1. Chapparakallu-Nandi

cycling tracks in bangalore

The cycling route calls for experienced cyclists as it takes a rider to a height of 4.85lft and has over 30 curves and around 5-6 hairpin bends.  For skilled riders, the route is a delight and covers a distance of around 33 Kms from Chapparakallu to the top of the Nandi Hills and back.

  1. Bidadi-Magadi

cycling tracks in bangalore

The cycling route is from Bidadi to Magdadi and takes the rider through a picturesque area dotted with a lake, dam, forest, and a temple. The rider will cover the famous Manchanabele Dam and Savandurga Forest. The good news is that the cycling route is one of the easier ones and hence suitable for beginners.

  1. Cubbon Park

cycling tracks in bangalore: cubbon park

The cycling trail is very much within city limits and suitable for short rides. The park is dotted with greenery and is very popular with city riders especially during weekends. Many reminisce that the park gives them a feeling of the old Bangalore with lot more greenery than what the city has now.

  1. Ghati Ghats

cycling tracks in bangalore

The route covers the surroundings of Ghati Subramanya temple. The route is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore city and is approximately 30 Kms long. Usually, cyclists start their ride at Subramanya temple and end it at Hiremuddenahilli.  The cycling trail offers mostly smooth tarmac roads and there is no heavy traffic though the temple has many tourists. Therefore, it makes for a suitable trail for new riders.

  1. Hesaraghatta

cycling tracks in bangalore: hesaraghatta

The 45 km cycling trail is dotted with lush farm fields, lakes and good roads.  It is suited for medium level cyclists who want to ride in an upward terrain and want to enjoy a scenic trip. The beautiful uninterrupted trail is particularly enjoyable for morning rides.

  1. GKVK campus

cycling tracks in bangalore

The cycling route is best for riders who want to ride within the city and are looking for a safe ride with facilities of food and water. The place belongs to agriculture university and the campus is sprawling. Though there some restrictions for cyclists within the campus, it is popular with weekend riders in Bangalore.

  1. Thattekere

cycling routes in bangalore

The route is popular among cyclists as the trail covers almost 50 Kms from Electronic  City via Bannerghatta forest towards the Thattekere lake. The route is a simple one and suitable for novice riders or the office goer who fancies taking a ride home in his bicycle to stay fit.

  1. Nandi Hills

cycling trails in bangalore

Nandi Hills route is about 75 Kms from Bangalore city and is famous for being Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.The route is a great one for the adventurous and skilled rider. The hilltop is around 8 Kms from the base and the uphill road requires the cyclist to ride at a speed of no more than 3km/hr. The efforts increase as the rider moves upward. The slow pace might be a deterrent to those who love a fast pace of cycling.  Yet, the fun of climbing down in the beautiful scenery is a sure plus point. Bicycles with gear and a good brake system are suitable for riding in the uphill terrain.

  1. The Big Banyan Tree Loop

cycling routes in bangalore

The traffic on the Mysore Road is a dampener, but once the rider crosses it, the surroundings at the Big Banyan Tree are very beautiful.  From the Big Banyan Tree Loop, a rider can proceed to Tavarekere. However,  be prepared that the trail calls for short and steep climbs that will test the rider’s  endurance and skills.

  1. Old Madras Route

cycling tracks in bangalore

The route is best to experience a  fast-paced ride. Riders experience strong headwinds on the way back which adds to the challenge of riding on this trail. It’s best suited for riders looking for a thrill over scenic beauty.

  1. Ulsoor Road

The 3.3 Km route is a great option for riders who are starting out and want to gain confidence navigating through traffic. A rider must be therefore control his speed on this trail.

cycling routes in bangalore

  1. Hennur Bamboo Forest

cycling trails in bangalore

The cycling trail is located 15 minutes away from outer ring road junction and is a forest area. The trail is a mix of easy and difficult roads. Since it is a forest area, the ambience has seeped in nature with birds chirping and lush greenery all around.

  1. Narayankere

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The distance from Bangalore to Narayankere is around 34 Kms. Riders usually start from Sarjapur to reach Chiktirupati and from there to Narayankere.The place is very beautiful but not much frequented by tourists. It is apt for riders looking for a peaceful trail.

  1. Bisle Hills

cycling routes in bangalore

The roads are bumpy on this trail and therefore two-wheelers and four-wheelers stay away from this road. This makes it a preferable route for cyclists. The area is covered in dense forests which keep the temperature cool for cycling during summer.

  1. Colonial Church Cycling Trail

cycling routes in bangalore

 The trail is given a good view of colonial legacy in Bangalore. The entire trail is 12 Kms long and houses 17th-century cathedrals of Gothic Architecture. All in all a great option for riding within city limits and also enjoying the city’s history.

There are many reasons why Bangalore is creating a cycling culture with so many cycling tracks and trails/routes. For one the weather is pleasant throughout the year.There is no heavy downpour even during rainy season. There are many areas in and around the city that are naturally endowed with slopes and inclines in its geography. Moreover, the city once known as ‘pensioner’s paradise’ today is marked by a  youthful and happening crowd who is interested in cultivating healthy hobbies for recreation.