Desert 500 Cycling Race Pic

Desert 500: The Ultra-Cycling Racing Event in India

Desert 500 is a Race Across America (RAAM) sanctioned race. It is a qualifier for solo riders wanting to race in the RAAM. This is the third edition of race. It’s 24-hour ultra-cycling event with a bunch of unique twists – it’s conducted at night and in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan. 

 A Unique Experience

 While it’s 25 degrees in the day, the temperatures would fall to a chilling 10 degrees at night. For miles there is only desert to see. It’s both calming and exciting.


Around 150 cyclists from around the world will participate in this race. Organizers conducted challenges on Fitso to select elite athletes. 10 athletes were selected from Fitso challenges, who were given free ticket to race.


  1. Century Ride

  2. 250 km Ride

  3. 500 km in 24 hours finisher

  4. RAAM Qualifier – 684 km


  • Start point & post event party: Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel, Near Kailana Lake, Jodhpur

  • Route: JodhpurOsiyanPhalodi-Ramdevra – Pokhran – DechooPhalodi  Nagaur and back

  • Refreshment points will be available at 0 km, 50 km, 125 km and 250 km.



Desert 500 is organised by Velo Sportive. Velo Sportive is the product of adventure dreams – to promote the sport of cycling through competitive and noncompetitive events. Its members come from diverse business and professional backgrounds: Lawyers, Managing Directors, Chartered Accountants, Executives, Business Owners, Executive Chefs and Educationists. Most of members also took part in the first and second editions of Desert 500.

 Race Directors

  1. Divya Tate, an Ultra cyclist & first Indian Female Super Randonneur, is the Race Director for the 684 km RAAM Qualifier. Divya has a been an Ultra Cyclists herself and has successfully played the role of a Race Director for The Deccan Cliffhanger RQ. She has Crewed at RAAM, RAW for 4 consecutive years and also Officiated at RAAM 2014. To top it all, she is the Audax India National Representative.