Cycling Events In India: Every Cyclist Must Know

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Cycling Events in India

There are many rides and events happening across India, some are private and some are done under the guidance of cycling associations. Every cyclist should know about these cycling events in India so that they do not end up losing opportunity to participate and take their passion to next level!

Mumbai-Pune is a historical race organized by Maharashtra Cycling Association.
Cycling Federation of India (CFI) and various district associations affiliated to state associations keeps organizing races all throughout year.
Just in case you don’t know who to contact for your cycling district/state association you might can get details on CFI

Just to name few of the many events/races, here are a few that has gained popularity in recently in India:

1) Tour of Nilgiries
2) Tour Of Pavaghad – Baroda is a multi category event held in November/December each year.
3) Sabarmati Cyclothon – Ahmadabad is a multi category event held annually around January or February.
4) Vodafone Cycle Marathon – Bangalore is another multi category gaining popularity this is usually held around January or February.
5) Nasik Peleton – is a team event held in Nasik over the past two years and has witnessed rider with diverse capabilities participating with great motivation and team spirit.
6) BRM – If you are looking for serious endurance challenge to test your mental and physical limits BRM is for you, Ride are all throughout the year all across India.

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Miten Thakker

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