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7 Craziest Health Trends to Keep an Eye on

The rise and fall of health trends, has cemented the position of the health and wellness industry in terms following. Both in India and abroad, we have witnessed bizarre conventions, short lasting fads, crazy diets and people embracing them all! Back home, we have seen “The Maggi Ban” and “The Return of Maggi”.We have seen people going gaga over six pack abs and size zero bodies – courtesy our very own Tinseltown. While “liposuction” and “fat free” still continue to be the top used words and still hold peoples’ interest.

Let us take you through some of the most amusing health trends that have transpired around us in the recent past!

  1. Macrobiotic Diet

With Madonna, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez joining the growing list of celebrities who swear by this Japanese diet, it has turned into quite a trend these days. This means renouncing all processed or refined foods along with dairy products. Brown rice, whole wheat and oats are served along with vegetables and fruits. Interestingly, wooden and glassware utensils are used in place of copper and non-stick pans. The oven is barred too.
Diet Macrobiotic

  1. Segmented Sleep

Though new parents and shift workers tend to complain about sleep breaks, there seems to be a cult worship among today’s youth for segmented sleep. This health trend involves dividing the night’s sleep into two segments bridged by an hour of wakefulness. Traditionally, doctors have maintained that deep sleep is very important for the well-functioning of the body. Although it is argued that waking up in the middle of the night is natural and even good for you. Research is not conclusive, so the jury is still out on that one.

Alarm Clock

  1. Placenta Encapsulation

Though not very popular in India, popping placenta pills is another trend that has been doing the rounds abroad. The custom of consuming placenta was introduced by the Chinese a few centuries ago and has started gaining popularity recently. There is no scientific evidence that it works, but some mothers think that it’s worth a try.
Pregnant Women

  1. “Gluten free, Dairy free, sugar free” foods

Make way for the “free” community. Every processed product has labels as food manufacturers try to appease this particular demand of the public. What follows are a host of recipes on cookery shows and online forums that primarily use these gluten/dairy/sugar free products. Studies show that continuous intake of low fat foods doesn’t lower the risk the coronary heart diseases. It can in fact prove to be quite detrimental for our health.
Quote about water

  1. Charcoal Juice

Yes, you’ve read this right. It’s the very same charcoal powder that is made out of heated coconut shells, wood or coal. Being incredibly porous with high absorbent properties, it was earlier used by doctors to control accidental poisoning in our body. Furthermore, the toxins get stuck to the charcoal. Alternatively, the nutrients could be absorbed simultaneously;people believe that it helps the skin glow, whitens teeth and improves digestion. Though it looks a bit off-putting, it apparently tastes delicious! Any takers?

Type of juices

  1. Baby Food Diet Plans

First initiated and made famous in the Hollywood circuit by the likes of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston, this is one imaginative way for people looking to cut down pounds. The idea is limit your day’s intake to 600 calories. For the sake of comparison, a grilled cheese sandwich (85gm) contains 670 calories! So, if there is anything good in this, it should be the almost non-existent cooking requirements along with less preservatives in the baby’s food, because you’ll have to endure the bland taste and give up the habit of chewing!
Child having meal

  1. Eating bugs and crickets

If you have watched the movie “Snowpiercer”, where the last humans abound a train, survive the new Ice Age on Protein bars made of ground bugs and cockroaches, this idea might not traumatise you. On purely rational terms, crickets are often ground to powder and made into bars for, they have very high protein content and double the iron that is present in spinach. Though entomophagy (human consumption of insects) hasn’t really caught up with the people yet, manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to be ready when the trend pops up.
Healthy Food

Any other latest health trends that you know of? Please leave a comment to share them with us 🙂


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