cow milk vs buffalo milk

Healthier Choice Between Cow vs Buffalo Milk

Cow’s milk and Buffalo milk are both popular choices in India. The latter is especially favoured while making thick beverages like “lassi”. Let us look at some of the benefits and nutritional facts of these two types of milk.

Cow milk vs Buffalo milk

Buffalo milk Cow’s milk
Extremely good course of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassiumIs an excellent source of calcium. Is a good source of iron and phosphorus
Contains more fat but much less cholesterolContains less fat but much more cholesterol
Is good for the teeth and the bonesIs also good for teeth and bones
Is good for healthy heartIs good for healthy heart and also for thyroid diseases
Can be preserved naturally for a long timeNeeds refrigeration
Is good for gaining weightIs good for reducing weight
Is good for making ghee, lassi, paneer, khoya, kulfi and malaiIs good for making Rasgulla and other Chenna based products

cow milk vs buffalo milk

Nutritional Facts:

Milk TypeCow MilkBuffalo Milk
Calories61 kcal97 kcal
Fat3.3 g6.9 g
Protein3.2 g3.8 g
Carbohydrates4.8 g5.2 g
Cholestrol10 mg19 mg
Sodium43 mg52 mg
Pottasium132 mg178 mg

Fat content:

Buffalo’s milk has a higher fat content with cow milk. This is the reason why it is thicker than cow milk. Fat takes more time to digest and also gives us a “full” feeling for a long time. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, takes much less time to be digested.

It is recommended that cow’s milk be used for elderly and infants. Buffalo milk is more suited for young and middle-aged people. Buffalo milk is a big no-no for people suffering from gastritis, acid reflux and acidity.


Buffalo’s milk is higher in protein than cow’s milk by about 11%. This is why bodybuilders and weightlifters prefer to consume buffalo milk. But, the protein in buffalo milk is resistant to heat. This means that it cannot be easily digested by the body. The protein in cow’s milk can be used by the body more efficiently. Infants and elderly can find it difficult to digest the protein content in Buffalo milk. So, when it comes to cow milk vs buffalo milk, the clear choice is cow’s milk.

Water content

Buffalo’s milk contains more milk solids as and when compared to cow’s milk. About 86.5% of cow’s milk is water whereas about 83% of buffalo’s milk is water.


Buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a long time. It contains a group of enzymes known as peroxidase, which acts as a natural preservative. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, goes bad within a few hours if it is kept outside the fridge.

Mineral content

Buffalo’s milk contains more calcium than cow’s milk. It contains potassium and sodium. This makes it a good choice as a nutritional supplement. Cow’s milk contains a good amount of calcium and phosphorus.

buffalo milk

Cow milk is more beneficial to lose weight.

As mentioned above, cow milk helps with losing weight. Its fat content is 100% lower than that of buffalo milk.

Try Buffalo milk to gain some weight

Just like cow milk is good for losing weight, buffalo’s milk is good for gaining weight! It is also good for building muscles because of its high protein content.

Avoid Buffalo milk if you suffer from digestive problems

Buffalo milk is thicker than cow’s milk and takes a long time to get digested. Cow’s milk is not easily digested either, but it is easier to digest than Buffalo milk.

cow milk vs buffalo milk

Milk, either of cow or buffalo, is a very healthy food item until it is degraded with water or starch. Before purchasing, you must always ensure the quality of milk. It is recommended to buy it from a reputed dairy or a farm nearby so that you are assured of its quality.

As of now, you know the nutritional content and benefits of each type of milk, so the preference of milk type depends on your personal choice, needs, and health status.