Meet Ranish Talwalkar – 41 Year Old Who has Finished 5 Half Marathons

Ranish Talwalkar just turned 41 but for him age is but a number. A running enthusiast since forever, he makes it a point to run marathons as much as he can. A software engineer by profession, Talwalkar has managed to find the perfect balance between his work life, family and running.

One of his favorite marathons is the Satara Hill Marathon and he has the batch of completing 5 Half Marathons and 2 Full Marathons under his belt. Yet he did not feel much happy about it. And this year, things went progressively downhill for him in the SCMM Race, which he barely managed to finish in under 7 hours. After some reflection, he figured out what he was doing wrong.

Running Issues of ranish

Issues with Running

For one, he wasn’t running enough after the marathon event was done. And even when preparing for a marathon, he wasn’t regular for training. There was nothing he was doing to up his stamina and last but not the least, he was dropping pace. He knew he need to do something but what?

How did Fitso come into the picture?

That’s when he came across one Sourav Agarwal, who was a founder member of a fitness company called FITSO, on a sponsor bank’s website. Curiosity got the better of him and he decided to get in touch with FITSO to find out more. A short conversation later, he knew he had hit the solution to his problems.

So what changed for him since he joined Fitso this February?

Plenty, he says. His running coach Sumit Singh is a great motivating factor for him to get up every day and run. The Fitso App is systematic and keeps a record of distances, times and helps in evaluating performance improvements. So when Talwalkar did a Time Trial of 15 kms recently, he clocked 1:45 mins. In a span of a few weeks, he had made an improvement of 10 mins.

Earlier, the last leg of the marathons were a torture. Even though he managed to finish, it always was a painful experience. After doing strength training with Fitso, he no longer feels any pain. Instead, he feels happier and stronger than before after his runs.

How often does he train in a week?

ranish tawalkar : fitso help in running

Every day, he says, except Fridays, which he takes off to spend time doing things he likes. As for his diet, he makes sure he takes enough proteins to build strength and muscle for a healthier and easier run.

How has his experience with Fitso been? He smiles widely. Training with Fitso has helped him find the right direction. He credits his running coach Sumit for the transformation. His enthusiasm is infectious and have learnt a lot about running from him, Talwalkar says.

Does he have any advice for others?

It’s never too late, he says, and just do it. Motivation is the single most important factor when it comes to fitness or anything for that matter. All you need to do is stay motivated. But it does not come easy and after a hard day’s work, there is a temptation to just slump on the couch in front of the television. But if you want to train, just do it and do it again and again.