coffee naps

Scientists Agree That Coffee Naps are Better Than Coffee or Naps

It may sound odd to you, but that’s what scientists agree with.

Instead of just taking multiple espresso shots or going for a quick nap, you should go for coffee naps – take a quick coffee, and then go for a 15 mins nap.

Why do these Coffee Naps work?

coffee naps

When you drink coffee, it first passes into your small intestine, and then it’s absorbed into your bloodstream. Finally, after 15-20 min, the coffee affects your brain when caffeine blocks the adenosine (laziness causing molecule that binds to the brain).

Now, sleeping naturally reduces adenosine level in your brain. And, when you take 15-20 min nap, you just wake in time when caffeine kicks in, and caffeine has less adenosine to fight with. Thus, caffeine is more effective.

If interested, check out the research backing this claim here.

Next time, when you feel sleepy don’t just take a nap or sip coffee, take a coffee nap.