coconut water during pregnancy

Coconut Water: A Healthy Drink during Pregnancy

Coconut water is nature’s own health drink. It has negligible calories and it is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It is a sterile and completely natural source of hydration and energy. Let us take a look at the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy.

Immunity Booster

Coconut water is a natural immunity booster, whether you are pregnant or not. Coconut water during pregnancy boosts immunity for baby inside and protects him or her against several infections. And of course, it protects the mother too.

Maintains level of uric acid

It is very important to retain normal levels of uric acid in the body during pregnancy. Coconut water can be immensely helpful with this. It helps with cleaning the urinary tract and with an optimum flow of urine. This decreases chances of urinary tract infections.

Increases electrolytes

An adequate amount of electrolytes the body keeps blood pressure in control. The body’s requirement of electrolytes increases when you get pregnant. Coconut water during pregnancy helps with meeting the increased demand.

coconut water during pregnancy

No added sugar!

Whatever food the mother eats during pregnancy has a direct impact on the baby. This includes all the added sugar which you take in every day. For example, whenever you are drinking fruit juices or energy drinks, you are also drinking excess sugar. This is where coconut water comes in. It contains no sugar and is completely safe.

No bad Cholesterol

Unlike many commercial beverages, pure coconut water doesn’t have any fat or cholesterol inside it. This is applicable to coconut water which hasn’t been commercially prepared. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy also increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Replenishes lost fluids

A lot of fluid is lost during pregnancy. This happens because of morning sickness or even diarrhoea. Coconut water helps with replenishing a number of lost fluids.

Relieves indigestion and heartburn

As a pregnant woman, you will experience indigestion, gas or heartburn. Coconut water during pregnancy helps with better digestion. It can also help with relieving symptoms of heartburn.

coconut water during pregnancy

Cures constipation

Constipation is a prominent feature of any pregnancy. It is especially prevalent in the first few months. Coconut water can help with relieving constipation too. It is better to drink coconut water rather than taking laxatives or OTC medicines.

Keeps hypertension at bay

Tension should be kept at a minimum level while you are pregnant. Some of it is caused by natural worry and some of it is caused by pregnancy hormones. Hypertension can be kept to a minimum by drinking coconut water during pregnancy

Enhances kidney function

The potassium and magnesium contained in coconut water help with enhancing the function of the kidneys. This helps kidney infections and diseases.

And, now for the best benefit of all!

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps with producing plenty of breast milk for the baby!

coconut water during pregnancy

Is it safe to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume coconut milk regularly during pregnancy. Drinking coconut water during the first trimester can help with preventing dehydration (caused by morning sickness). However, it should be consumed in moderation. Taking one or two glasses of coconut water daily is completely fine.

Coconut Water Nutritional Composition:

Serving size: 100 grams

  • Calories – 19
  • Calories from fat – 0.2 g
  • Sodium – 105 mg
  • Potassium – 250 mg
  • Protein – 0.7 g
  • Carbohydrates – 3.7 g (Sugars 2.6 g and Dietary fibre 1.1 g)
  • Calcium – 2% of RDA (Recommended dietary allowance)
  • Vitamin C – 4% of RDA
  • Magnesium – 6% of RDA

coconut water during pregnancy

How much to drink during pregnancy?

  • Refrain from taking more than 2 glass a day. As its said, “Moderation is always the key”.
  • It is great to incline toward normal coconut water than canned or packaged ones.
  • Avoid drinking coconut water which was opened for more than 3 hours as the fresh one will contain rich supplements. Always use fresh straw or glass for drinking.