yoga and weed

Cocktailing Yoga With Grass – The Lows and ‘High’

yoga and weedThe rising fitness mania and the demand for legalization of psychoactive drugs may sound like two completely different subjects on the paradigm. But, admit it. Synthesizing these two ideas has crossed your mind. Silly, yes! so let’s just get it out there and ventilate on the idea like a boss.

What are the benefits of extra-zen, cannabis-aided yoga?! What are the potential pitfalls of bending backward while high?

Find out, shall we?!


Yoga and weed

  • Can increase focus and augment meditative high: Marijuana is known for amplifying your focus on one thing. Hence, with dependable and solicitous gurus who make sure the students aren’t working like trojans and stay within their limits, a mind blowing balance can be struck.
  • Can allow greater sensation of universal nexus: Or as Aldus Huxley would put it, shall take you to through the ‘doors of perception.’ The experience helps open your mind, body and soul to learning and respond to the same with a slightly unusual perspective. you feel relaxed and more willing to challenge yourself. And with Pink Floyd to Gamma isochronic tones filling the background, the meditation/visualization exercises are not just sublime, they become compulsive.
  • Can escalate body awareness: Ever heard that quote, ‘Listen to your body. Its smarter than you.’ Smoking grass actually helps you do that by making you much much more attentive to detail that applies to all your senses. An example to walk you through it, try attending a restorative class (yea, google that first) on Sundays after enjoying a few hits, and you shall see that you grew much more aware of your body and breathing patterns with better control on it which naturally builds a sense of calmness within you.


Yoga and weed

  • Can lead to anxiety: Ok so this one really depends on how much of a novice you are to this concept. Most newbies experience high levels of anxiety caused by marijuana interfering with the main part of the practice that is to attain a sense of total composure. Again, if you are a pro, you good to go… Hey! that rhymed.
  • Can lead to over-stretching: One of the most well-known effects of marijuana is the altered perception of time, also called a Time Slowdown. So if you happen to have more than just a few hits, or might I say, get stoned before your session, you may end up holding yourself in one pose / asana for too long which would lead to over-stretching and misalignment. Yes, this is exactly the reason you need a guru to walk you through.
  • Logistical challenges: Probably the most trivial sounding part in the article but now that I have pursued the subject, I might as well bring to your attention that you may not be able to conduct this session at home since you DO need a teacher to guide you with this. Secondly, driving to your yoga class, high, well… may not be the best idea. Just something to think about.

Yoga and weed

If you are still reading this, I am assuming you are still interested in going divergent and kinking up your fitness practices by a notch with this freaky fusion. So, here is some food for thought.

  • The first and the foremost thing, when you go to a class is to super ensure that your guru is not high. Yes, that Is a possible situation. A good guru would understand your interests and make sure you are safe regardless of sobriety and that of course requires him to stay sober.
  • In order to pursue something as unorthodox as this, its very important that you gain a basic experience in smoking grass as well as yoga before you get started, for one surprises your mind and the other acts on your body. So, you need to get these under control in order to awaken your soul.
  • Since yoga is a breath-oriented practice, it’s important to fine-tune the impact of marijuana on your lungs. So instead of smoking them up with a joint or a pipe, use a vaporizer.
  • While it can be daunting to participate in any kind of power yoga or ashtanga yoga after dabbling with marijuana, it is highly recommended to try it with Restorative yoga, Hatha yoga and light Vinyasa.

So pick the dare, step out of the box and don’t forget to make a new playlist.
Stay high, Stay Fit.