Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain Treatment With Yoga

Escalation of chronic pain creates changes in the brain structure that are linked to depression and anxiety. But researches have shown that practicing yoga has the opposite effect on the brain which helps in Chronic Pain Treatment.

In general, chronic pain is a continuous mild or excruciating pain in a particular part of your body which remains active in the nervous system, thus making you prone to the feeling of pain for months or even years. This can take a physical as well as an emotional toll on the person.

Chronic Pain

But this pain can be reversed or better yet, prevented through mind-body practices, and Yoga is the perfect activity that includes both. When you practice yoga, you allow your body to become less responsive towards pain perception. Activities like yoga and meditation have potent pain-relieving effects on the brain, and in the long run could be more effective than pharmaceutical treatments for chronic pain.

Where most of the pharmacological treatments for chronic pain are highly addictive, yoga offers a more natural, self-healing and holistic solution to the problem.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain leads to changes in the gray matter volume and the integrity of white matter connectivity. Gray matter is basically the home to the neurons in the brain while the white matter creates communication between the various regions of the brain.

As we get older we start losing gray matter, but a yoga practitioner offsets the age related decrease in gray matter volume, which means that yoga may have neuro-protective effects. Moreover, there is a significant increase in pain tolerance in yoga practitioners, which makes them less susceptible to chronic pains.

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