drinking water

Check Out If You’re Drinking Water Right

In the language of Chemistry, this simplest compound-water, alias H20-has the most complicated dos and don’ts associated, when it comes to drinking. Some under-drink it, while some over-drink. Some just drink it, unmindful of when and how much to drink. Some just don’t drink it, confusing hunger with thirst, and end up stuffing in more-than-required calories. Summing up all of the categories of ‘some’, it’s actually almost everyone who drinks water wrong, and strangely, they don’t know it, too. Because they are either too thoughtless about giving any considerate thought to something as insignificant –in their perception- as water; or they are too myth-ridden to awaken themselves with the world of water-science; or they are so overly conscious that they wind up doing more harm than good to body.

Are you into the following water mistakes? If yes, rectify them right away.
  1. Do you mix up hunger with thirst?

Yeah, you read it right. You, nay, rather we all jumble up hunger and thirst, and in turn choose food in lieu of water. Let’s say you had a wholesome meal and in about ten minutes, you begin to crave again. What do you do? Jump into the kitchen and lay your hands on the jar-full snacks, huh? Well, that’s the time when the demand from your body is of water, while supply is of food. Stop giving wrong feedback to the brain’s signal and instead, let a glass of water glug down your epiglottis.

  1. Are you drinking water out of plastic bottles?

Warning against plastic bottles – composed of hormone-unfriendly chemical Bisphenol- always falls into seemingly deaf ears because you all must have read it innumerable no of times, but you don’t find the warning worth your consideration. Bisphenol has also been linked to cancer and obesity, say no to plastic bottles for goodness sake.


  1. Is a glass of water a bystander on table full of beer cans?

Alcohol takes a toll on your hydration and it’s a known fact to all. But, do you make it a point to keep getting your water fill while chugging down a mug of beer? I’m sure, no. Make sure that you get your water dose along with your liquor load.

  1. Do you discriminate water, too?

In absence of cold water, people often turn down the glass of normal water. They would not drink water but not compromise on their desired temperature. In fact, they would ask the shopkeeper to lend a chilling soda-drink on non-availability of cold water bottle. Isn’t calorie-less warm water much better than calorie-laden soda drink?

  1. Do you remember water when tired?

Our brain is 80 percentage of water, and is in a constant need of water time to time for smooth functioning. Every time you are worn out, it is lot many ounces of water your body is actually in need of than the lengthy hours of sleep.

  1. Can you differentiate between flavoured and plain water?

Many, to ensure satisfaction to their taste-buds, prefer flavoured water over plain water and delude themselves about their well-being. How tricky of them! But, it is sugar in profusion which they feed on. Rather, soak in raw lemon slices in a cup of water if looking for the delight of flavour in water.

  1. Do you skip water in the morning?

Agreed that waste tastes awful in the early hours of morning, but once you are up, first thing you should allow your gut to come in contact with is water. As you sleep, your body is water-deprived for approximately seven hours, and is hence metabolically inactive. To get metabolism started, the spell of water down in the bag of stomach should be the first to happen.

  1. Do you drink water like you breathe?

Do you gulp down gallons of water in order to gift well-being to your body? But, excess of water intake does no extra bit of good to your health. In fact, it is hazardous. Drinking excess of water can slump down sodium level in blood and can culminate in the brain swelling and coma.

Are you ready to rectify the above mistakes? Change your present water-habits for better tomorrow.