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Celebrity Workout Secrets and Diet Plan Revealed

In today’s world when we follow our favourite celebrity from head to toe then why not follow their secrets through which they attained  fabulous and appealing bod. Celebrities just like us are busy in their monotonous routine but still they figure out the time to remain fit as fitness is to happiness.

Just take a look on their diet plan and u might steal their fitness mantra for yourself.

     1. Deepika Padukone: flawless body

This bollywood actress has mesmerised everyone with her curvaceous sexy body , not only her Indian  fans but the global fans too  are going gaga over her curvaceous body. So lets find out how this bollywood diva manages to do all.

deepika : celebrity workout

You will be suprised to know she gets up early at 6 in the morning  where she repeatedly practice yoga asanas, which is followed by pilates, push-ups, pull-ups,weight lifting,squats.

Lets see what’s there in her  diet chart

She always try to make a note to only eat fresh, healthy and nutrient enriched foods. She ensures that she drinks plenty to water to keep her skin rejuvenating. She doesn’t  miss carbohydrates and proteins in her diet.

Being an atheletic person she often indulges in activities like swimming, dancing, badminton , simple walking isn’t its interesting to incorporate sports in your routine to  stay fit.

  1. Kangana Ranuat

Next celebrity in our list is Kangana Ranuat who has not only not only proven her mettle in acting but has also given us goals to stay fit like her, let see how she manages to lure us by fitness regime.

kangana : celebrity workout

Under the supervision of fitness guru, Leena Mogra, the queen actress does strength , circuit and weight training to get the toned physique, she gives ample amount of time to gym to maintain her appealing figure.

Just like Deepika, she also does push-ups, pull-ups, strecting, abs and lower back execrcies and ofcourse squats and yoga

Some tips to learn from her diet chart.

In the morning she takes fibre rich food, then in midday she consumes fruits or juices, lunch constitute of protein rich cereals and chapattis, dinner would consist of salad, boiled vegetables and soup.

  1. Bipasha Basu

38- year old actress has always done wonders with her perfect bod, needless to say she is the only actress in bollywood who has  redefined fitness goals and has gradually become an icon for many fitness freak followers.

bipasa : celebrity workout

The bengali beauty focuses on abs workout , lower body and legs, gluetus maximus for shping the butt, stretches, light weight lifting, Upper body workout, her routine also consist of working on treadmill, elliptical trainer and rowing machine .

 Early morning she prefers to take glass of water for rejuvenating skin, some soaked almonds, in breakfast she consumes eggs and cup of tea and fibre rich diet or skimmed milk. In lunch she takes protein rich cereals and green vegatables and avoids rice, dinner consists grilled fish or chicken and small amount of desert.

    4. Maliaka Arora

The next bollywood diva is maliaka arora, born to a Punjabi father and Malayali Catholic mother started as MTV VJ. She has stunned everybody with her bold looks and well toned sexy and curvaceous figure. But how this women manages to stay fit is a big question for all isn’t it?

malaika : celebrity workout

so let’s take a look at her workout routine and diet plan.

She involves cardio exercises , pull-ups, push up, weight lifting, squats which is followed by kick boxing, aerobics. you will be amazed to know she loves dancing and practice different dance forms like Jazz Ballet and Russian Ballet.

Diet chart

She consumes lot of water in her diet with lemon and some honey, then her breakfast consists of  fresh fruits and fibre rich diet or multigrain toast with egg whites, for mid day snacks she makes sure to take glasss odf fresh vegetable juice, talking about lunch diet she always ensures to take carbohydrates in her diet through two chapattis and rice with veggies , some portion of chicken along with sprouts. In dinner she takes bowl of soup with steamed veggies and salad.

   5. Shilpa Shetty

The glamour queen of bollywood since two decades Shipa shetty had has done wonders when it comes to fitness.

shilpa shetty : celebrity workout

The toned figure, flawless skin, slender waistline, lustrous hair and stunning body are the wondering aspects to all. Significance of yoga came to her with serendipity, once she had a neck pain so physiotherapist suggested her to practice Ashtanga Yoga. She is fond of practicing Yoga and since that incident she has developed a never ending interest in Yoga , interesting though!!

Diet chart

In the morning she starts her day with aloe vera or amla juice , lunch would consist of  brown rice and chappati with high fiber ingredients, dal, chicken curry and vegetable, dinner would consist of salad, soup and chicken or some desert for her sweet tooth.

Think about what you’d like to do and give it a try. If it’s a struggle at first, don’t forget that everyone was a beginner once and everything gets easier. If you don’t take to one thing you can always try another. And it doesn’t even have to be very ambitious at all. Even a walk in the park can do you a power of good.