Should You Drink Milk After A Workout?

Milk - best post workout drink

According to a research study in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, It has been come to known that drinking milk and milk alternatives are far effective drinks post exercises as compared to sports drinks. This was based on the effectiveness of drinks to help the body retain fluid. Milk products naturally have the required […]

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Secrets Of Lisa Haydon’s Flawlessly Toned Body

Lisa Haydon is well-known and one of the top India’s actresses and models. In one of her interviews, Lisa Haydon unveiled the secret that she has been putting herself in habit of exercising at the only age of 14. She also accepted the fact that the actual secret behind a perfect body is a healthy diet plan […]

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Exemplary Two Way Journey To Gain And To Lose Back

How do you expect an actress to be in her debut? Conventionally speaking, if anything, an actress is bound to pose her svelte bodyline. Plumped body image just doesn’t match with the audience’s envision. Defying such stereotyped mindset towards an actress came forth against the Bollywood clichés an upper-middle class lady, Bhumi Pednekar. She emerged […]

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The Man Who Won More Than One War

major dp singh

Think  ‘Amputation’  and it gives a vision of extreme trauma. But once in a while, we come across people with lot more will-power than people in similar circumstances. These people go way beyond what is expected of them in such a way that they become heroes for others to worship. Meet Major D.P Singh, an army […]

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Lifestyle Changes To Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes has already affected 350 million people worldwide and is quickly catching up in India, with figures exceeding 6.5 crore (around 5% of general population). Delhi is leading the numbers with a whopping 42% of its population being estimated to be diabetic, followed by Mumbai (38%), Ahmedabad (36%) and Bangalore (26%). To make matters worse, […]

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Top 15 Dance Classes In Mumbai To Explore

dance classes

Dancing promotes a lot of social activities and it is one of the best cardio activities when it is performed in the right manner and for the right amount of time. It animates our breath, builds our heart rate, enhances flow and averts oxygen starvation to the mind, along these lines abating mental decrease while […]

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