Running in Cold Weather

Running in cold weather

Running in Cold Weather can be a real challenge. When exposed to cold temperature your body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce, therefore prolonged exposure to cold weather conditions without proper precautions can eventually lead to a nightmare. But that shouldn’t stop you from following your passion to run. Fret not, following […]

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How often should you run?

How often should you run? It’s one question which puzzles everyone. But the volume of your training should be directly proportional to the event. The answer to how often you should run depends on what you want to achieve and how much your body can take without getting injured. For a Half Marathon, it makes sense […]

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Race Recovery Tips

Race Recovery TIps

You Came. You Ran. You Conquered. And then?If you did push to your limits, you hobble [:P]. No Worries, here are some Race Recovery tips which will help you with your muscle soreness, tiredness and will refresh you to run again 😉 Running to your personal best and the mere euphoria of the new PB dilutes […]

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What To Eat Before Running

what to eat before running

To provide sufficient fuel, food should be predominantly high in Carbs and should not be too heavy. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen – in the form of energy – that your body can access most easily. Glycogen is the fuel for runners. When you run out of it, you feel […]

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Why Stretch After Run?

stretch after run

Every Runner should stretch after run. Running is an activity that requires moving your body in a specific pattern for a prolonged period of time. This continuous stretching and flexing in a repetitive way to propel you forward strains many body muscles – which ultimately results into stiffness, dehydration of all soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, […]

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Tips for Hill Running

Perfect your hill running

When it comes to hill running, a lot many runners don’t run with proper form. Understanding the idea of a “good” hill running form is fairly easy if you review a few basic truths about running uphill and downhill. – Before straining yourself with hill run try to first train yourself on plains for at-least […]

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