Race Recovery Tips

Race Recovery TIps

You Came. You Ran. You Conquered. And then?If you did push to your limits, you hobble [:P]. No Worries, here are some Race Recovery tips which will help you with your muscle soreness, tiredness and will refresh you to run again 😉 Running to your personal best and the mere euphoria of the new PB dilutes […]

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Race Day Tips

race day tips

So it’s your race day on your head. Here are few race day tips top help you get started and to take a strategical advantage. Race day morning: Set an early alarm so that you get up and finish off your morning chores and have ample time to do small but important things (morning snack, […]

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Entrepreneurship & Running: The secret of Entrepreneurs

secret of Entrepreneurs

Despite the fact that the connection between Entrepreneurship & Running seems amazingly bizarre, there are some qualities of the sport that entrepreneurs can adapt to. ‘Running a business’ aligns very closely with ‘running for fitness’. Some believes that since most successful entrepreneurs include running in their daily schedule, its likely the Secret of Entrepreneurs’ success. […]

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Delhi Marathon Training

Delhi Marathon Training

If you are about to participate in Delhi Marathon, you need to be prepared for it. Here’s an article on Delhi Marathon Training which will set you up! Many runners fail to realize that one of the most important aspects of marathon training is the taper phase. Reducing weekly and long run mileage during these […]

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What To Eat Before Running

what to eat before running

To provide sufficient fuel, food should be predominantly high in Carbs and should not be too heavy. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen – in the form of energy – that your body can access most easily. Glycogen is the fuel for runners. When you run out of it, you feel […]

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Why Stretch After Run?

stretch after run

Every Runner should stretch after run. Running is an activity that requires moving your body in a specific pattern for a prolonged period of time. This continuous stretching and flexing in a repetitive way to propel you forward strains many body muscles – which ultimately results into stiffness, dehydration of all soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, […]

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Why Runners Need A Training Plan?

Runners Need A Training Plan

We don’t fail because of injury, weather excuses or other circumstances. We fail because of under preparation and more importantly, for not having a proper training plan. Let me explain, why runners need a training plan. If your target is performance oriented and you want to achieve certain timing goal then it demands a training […]

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Fitness Trends in Delhi: The city of pace

fitness trends in delhi

Over the last couple of years, Delhi has come far ahead on its way to become the fitness capital of India. But it wasn’t always the same. Earlier, fitness was seen as leisure rather than a necessity. Even if someone was motivated and spared some time to be fit, after some days the motivation went […]

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Tips for Hill Running

Perfect your hill running

When it comes to hill running, a lot many runners don’t run with proper form. Understanding the idea of a “good” hill running form is fairly easy if you review a few basic truths about running uphill and downhill. – Before straining yourself with hill run try to first train yourself on plains for at-least […]

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Marathon Rules

marathon rules

If you are training for a Marathon, you should know the basic Marathon Rules. Here’s a list of Marathon Rules you need to know: 1. Distance and Speed To Begin with, one should always work on mileage i.e. distance covered, and on an average minimum run for a marathon aspirant should be 50 km’s per […]

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