Myths which needs to be busted about doing Swimming in Winters!

Swimming in winters

  # Why is it beneficial to do swimming in winters? Swimming is among the most recommended activity that doesn’t just help you stay in shape but also keep your peace of mind. The delightful feeling of floating on the water while investing labor through your core and the limbs gives you a beautiful high […]

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Everything you need to know about “VEER” of Indian Swimming arena: Virdhawal Khade

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Virdhawal Khade One of the finest & Fastest Indian Swimmer: Virdhawal Khade, who recently participated in Asian Games 2018: Jakarta and just missed his bronze medal by 0.01 second. Virdhawal Khade is a famous young Indian swimmer champion born on 29th August 1991 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Like various other beautiful things in this […]

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Swimming Caps : Why are they important?

swimming caps

Found in bags of almost all swimmers, swimming caps are an essential swimming accessory used by both recreational and competitive swimmers. It is not required for swimming but it helps to be more comfortable and confident in water. They are used for various reasons like Filters are safe from getting clogged by loose hair. Protects […]

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Open Back v/s Closed Back Swimsuits: Which is better for competitive swimming?


Competitive swimming is heavily influenced by the type of swimsuit you wear. But being a woman has its own share of advantages. You can choose from a horde of functional designs in the open and closed back category. There aren’t many differentiating factors that set a particular swimsuit apart from another one. It’s a question […]

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