10 Best Whey Proteins in India

Best Whey Protein in India

Whey protein can be used as a substitute for protein from whole foods. If your meals aren’t rich in proteins, you can make up for it by whipping up a protein shake and drinking it after your workout. It helps in the recovery of muscles as whey provides you with essential amino acids that are […]

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Vitamin A – All You Need to Know

Vitamin a complete guide - benefits, symptoms, deficiency, rich food sources

Vitamin A is the primary nutrient and isn’t a solitary nutrient, yet there is a related combination of nutrients that is accessible in two unique structures. They are retinoids, which are pre-shaped and mostly observed in animals and another one is plant-based carotenoids which are just shades, counting alpha and beta-carotene that should be changed […]

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Vitamin C- The Exhaustive Guide

vitamin c benefits

Ascorbic Acid which is commonly known as vitamin C is the abundant in fruits and vegetables. It is a vitamin that works as a powerful anti-oxidant helps the body to form and maintain a healthy connective tissues that includes, bones, tissues and blood-vessels. The vitamin is also water soluble in nature and that is one […]

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This Taste of Bihar is Must Addition to Your Diet

Sattu - Indian Super food benefits

What is sattu?  Sattu is Indian flour made from dry roasted ground pulses and cereals. Sattu sharbat is quite popular in Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. In Punjab, sattu is made from barley. This flour is also used to prepare various items like Litti, Kachori, Paratha, and Laddoo. Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity in other parts of India due […]

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6 Super Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

6 super easy ways to cut 500 calories

When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of noise out there – glutton-free, zero-sugar, zero-carb, egg-diet etc. Getting lost in complexities and missing your targets is quite easy. The best thing to do in here is to stick to basic, that is: Calories Loss = Weight Loss  You can lose 0.5 kg a […]

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