Sleep Meditation to cure insomnia

Can’t Sleep? Try Easy To Follow Tips For Meditation Sleep

Problem in sleeping; Meditation sleep is solution for you

It is mostly in the dark hours of night when your bed underneath is no less than a gold seat, the roof overhead serves itself as a screen and your mind, a projector. What then goes on is the unexciting motion picture whose director is none other than your overly creative mind. It is because your film reel is too long to fit in your everyday stress.

The clock keeps ticking away and eyes, blinking in and out, but there’s no way that your insomnia gets tired of you. Well, the good news is that there exists a swarm of other such lunatic directors in your side. So, this sleep problem is not just yours’ but ours’. And doesn’t this majoritarian nature of the problem relieve you a bit? After all, the majorities are always taken care of.

Pitfalls of poor sleep

Can't sleep; InsomniaThis wouldn’t be a novel info for the night hawks that the prolonged sleepless hours of night end up with inevitable lethargy in the day following. You be a student or a working professional, sleepless night does take a toll on your efficiency. You run short of energy and concentration to start you day afresh. In fact, meditation for students is advisable even if not struck with insomnia. After all, student life is laden with competent stress.

Research proves that both dearth and excess of sleep ups the risk of high blood pressure and obesity. Insomnia also invites a handful of other heart ailments. The National Sleep Foundation has inferred that the people with insomnia tend to be more unhealthy and depressed than the ones with healthy sleep regime.

Can meditation fight back your insomnia?

Sleep Meditation to cure insomniaBefore anything, let each of you be clear with the notion that there’s no such prior condition of being ‘spiritually evolved’ to practice meditation. Rather, meditation is the way to spirituality. To all the blocked minds to whom, meditation looks to be as beyond the plane of their ability, let them be acknowledged that this pessimism lasts only until you start with it.

The studies have shown that today, more no of people in the pursuit of healthy sleep are engaging themselves in meditation. Please do away with the supposition that you ought to be experienced to embrace the stillness of meditation. There is no such hard and fast rule tagged along with the art of meditation. Beginners are equally open to absorb the bliss meditation showers one with. And neither is there any compulsion to splurge on guided meditation sleep. You can be a self-teacher in such technologically advanced era. However, the worst cases may opt for the guided meditation sleep.

How do you settle down with your restless mind while meditating?

Initial first few days of meditation sleep may puzzle you more with the unwanted thoughts popping in and out. Fret not! Not that the quantum of your thoughts take a sharp rise but it’s just that your thoughts sound louder during the meditation than that during the normal hours of the day. For even the clock is audible in the silent hours of night. Likewise, echoes your thoughts within the meditating mind.

The big question is that how do you induce sleep to yourself?

Before anything, get yourself laid comfortably. Rest your head against the pillow and position your arms by your sides.

All you need to kick-start with is choose a soothing matter that evokes peace amidst the turbulent thoughts flying all around your mind. Say, you choose the word ‘om’ and keep repeating it silently in your mind. Once peace starts building up and you master the art of letting go, you master the practice of meditation too. However, they say easy to say than done. Yes, there will be times when creepy thoughts would try contaminating peace formation process. But, never succumb to it. Rather, fight back and let your soothing matter overshadow your unwanted thoughts.

For many, music leaves a more balmy effect on their minds than the above-mentioned method. Such people can get any meditation app downloaded from their play store and be all ears to the every second of the music.

  • Buddhist mantra like ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is available via app and it really works wonder.
  • Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax is an another meditating app to improve your sleeping patterns

These tranquilize your mind to that level where at least you think of sleeping. And with continuity in practice, you succeed in sleeping.

You really need to believe that sleep would come. Meditation under the stubborn thought ‘I can’t sleep’ goes futile. Thought forms are really potent and they do materialize. So, meditate with a belief that you would sleep. And reap the miracles then after.