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Can Old People Run? Meet this 60+ year old Runner

If you have been wondering, “Can old people Run?” than the answer is yes. How old? Well, there’s no age. We have encountered many people in their late 60s and 70s who run daily, and are fitter than we are in our 20s and 30s.

Meet this 60+ man from Dwarka, New Delhi, whom Team Fitso met while conducting a workshop on Running by the name “School of Running”, earlier in October this year. He talked about how people of his age have made their condition worse by not doing any physical workout.

According to him, he runs every day to keep his body fit and his belly flat – well, “at least to some level” as he said. By the end of the workshop he found himself morally inspired to run for a half marathon next year. We thank him for being as a source of inspiration to many others of his age.

But unfortunately, it is not the case with everyone. It is generally seen that over 60 age group people are less active than any other. Despite the fact that following a daily routine of exercise can help you live a longer, happier life – old age people are tend to give up any kind of exercise.

Exercise can be your part of daily routine no matter what your age is. It moreover becomes only increasingly important as you get older. Many studies have shown how daily physical exercise help people achieve stunning physical accomplishments in their ‘golden’ years. Regular workout help improve balance, strength, muscle power and bone density in older age.
Furthermore, the older you get, the faster your muscle atrophy is. But you can avoid this by engaging in appropriate daily exercise.

Age related muscle decay prominently starts in those over 60, with higher lever as age advances. But you can prevent this from occurring if you exercise daily. So stop being indolent and start your daily dose of workout today!

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