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How Calorie Counter Keeps You In Shape?

The human body needs 2000 Cal per day on an average. But how do you know how much calories you have consumed per meal? A calorie calculator for Indian food gives you a chart where you can measure the calories a food contains and thus consumed in a particular food or meal. However, there are other factors that you need to take into account before you can decide on how many calories intake is optimal for you.

What To Know About Calorie Counter

The job of the calorie counter is to provide you with information about the calorie content of a food or drink. But does that calorie count mean the same to your body? Not quite.

Your body works on a schedule called the Base Metabolic Rate or BMR to burn calories. As this differs from one individual to another, the amount of energy expended is not a constant either. Thus, if one person can spend 400 calories in one hour, another person may manage to spend only 300 calories doing the same activity. You can calculate your BMR by the formula below:

calorie counter india

Another factor that affects the consumption of calories is the kind of food you eat. As pointed out earlier, every activity consumes calories, including digestion. Some foods, however, require less calories to digest while other need more.

Foods are broadly categorized into carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For example, breads and rice are foods that are high in carbohydrate content while meat and fish are considered to have a higher protein value. Proteins require more calories to be digested in contrast to fats that require very little energy.

calorie counter india

This goes on to say that calorie counter can provide you with the exact calorie count of the food but not how much you can burn, of those calories. Herein lies the importance of a calorie counter – you can decide how much calories you should consume to stay healthy.

Why You Need a Calorie Calculator?

calorie counter india

A human body like most other systems works on energy. It takes in energy through food and spends energy through activities such as walking, working and sleeping. Therefore, it is imperative that a balance of the calorie intake and output is maintained. A calorie counter can help to attain that balance.

So what is a Calorie? Simply speaking, it is a measure of energy – whether it is the energy that a food gives us or the energy we spend in one hour on a treadmill. Excess energy that remains in our body is converted to fat and results in weight gain. Therefore, it is important that you count the calories you consume in a day.

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A calorie counter helps to judge the amount of energy or calories you are consuming. The Fitso meal log and calorie counter gives the calorific value of foods and drinks that we are all inclined to indulge in from time to time.

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The Fitso App is easy to use and gives you options to know how many calories you burned as well as helps you maintain meal log and activities log. Overall, counting calories helps you achieve lose weight as well as build lean muscle and gain weight.

How To Use The Calorie Counter

If you think that using a calorie counter to index your daily intake is a game of pure mathematics, you are only partially right. Of course, you will need to consume less calories than you spend to lose weight. But that is not all.

calorie calculator for indian food

You need to understand the nutritional value of the foods – or how healthy the food is for you. Some foods may have more calories but provide you with more nutrition and your body may be able to break it down faster. For example, a serving of dessert may be delicious but a serving of fruit has more nutritional value.

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The simplest rule to using a calorie counter is to make the right choices – compare calories of foods along with their nutritional value. Only then would you be using the calorie counter effectively.