To Burn More Calories At Work Do This

You already know that standing can reduce some of the harmful effects of too much sitting.

Girl in office standing with a smile in front of a box about colleagues
You know who is burning more calories!

But according to a recent study, you’ll get a bigger health boost if you focus not only on the number of hours you spend standing but on the number of times you stand up, as well. This study was conducted by University of Glasgow in UK.

Think of it as standing interval training 


Men in the study burned more calories and fat when they stood up more frequently throughout an eight-hour period (for 90 seconds at a time), than when they stood for longer blocks (15 minutes at a time)—even though the total time they spent standing was the same.


This is because transition requires muscle activation and energy expenditure. Rising from a seated position and lowering your body weight back down repeatedly takes more effort and expends more energy than does continuously standing stationary.


Over four weeks, this could translate to a weight loss of 2.2 kg if you change your position every minute and half.

It’s tough and can affect your productivity. But try doing as much as you can.

You are in effect adding squats to your standing routine.

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