Bodyweight Training- The New Crusader for Fitness!

Most of us aiming for muscle development find ourselves in a fix as to which style of training is superior. Its either lifting standard weights or bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training is a compilation of all the exercises that do not require free weights or equipment. Consequently, the individual solely relies on his body weight to generate resistance. Push-ups, pull ups, squats, lunges and a hundred other freestyle exercises fall into this category.
Exercising in gym with equipments

On the other hand, it is a widely held opinion that only calibrated weights and equipment yield the best results. Hence the clash of notions.

Let’s examine each of these forms and try to validate why bodyweight training has been trending these days. But before going into that, take a minute and ponder over this:

Who would come out on top if a professional bodybuilder is pitted against a seasoned boxer?

Let’s try to answer that.

Both bodyweight training and lifting weights are intended to cut down fat and build muscle through resistance. But they differ hugely in their approach. Working with equipment would mean isolating and targeting a particular muscle group. Biceps for instance- so that the body is fooled into building strength around it. The results may be visible faster and the body may seem bigger than it is comfortable for you. Although there won’t be a synchronized building of all the muscle groups. Consequently, unable to work in tandem with each other to build up functional strength and power.
Doing pushups

On the other hand:

Bodyweight training uses more muscles than the ones targeted. If we are doing push-ups, we are not only working arms, but also the upper body, abs and core.

So the bodybuilder might have impressive muscle, but the boxer holds the edge with his tremendous functional strength.

While lifting weights in the gym might prove to be quite monotonous, bodyweight exercises are most certainly not. There is an endless variety of bodyweight workouts, each with variations for increased difficulty. Also, it is a little harder than it looks and needs patience to master the moves in the beginning. It is nothing but fun to show off your single leg squat or push ups to your friends!

Secondly, there is absolutely no need to take up expensive gym memberships for bodyweight training. Your body is your gym!


You can achieve the chiseled body you always wanted with the extra qualities of good flexibility, form and core strength. So for those with limited time, space and finances, bodyweight exercises are perfect.

Furthermore, it is possible to gain a strong and muscular body with bodyweight exercises. The weight you work with –body weight, is more or less fixed, can be a disadvantage for heavy body building. If your body is losing fat, then it would provide less resistance which maybe countered by taking varied challenging exercises.

Nonetheless bodyweight exercises can also be modified for everyone – for all ages and fitness levels.

There are different regimens for beginners and for the advanced. These exercises can be tweaked in order to be made more challenging by adding repetitions or performing them faster. Depending upon what your fitness goals are, you can choose your own workouts. Talking about instructors, who is better than the ones available at Fitso! Helping all achieve their fitness goals in a short period and providing the right mix of guidance and motivation 🙂

Get up, get going!


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