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Iron Brothers : India’s First Bodybuilding Movie

We’ve had numerous sports film, either bio-pics or fiction. These include Chak De India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom, MS Dhoni and so on. We had one from Shankar which brought Arnold to India but the movie isn’t solely about Bodybuilding. Never have we had a movie dedicated completely to the art of Bodybuilding. Sahil Khan bodybuilding inspired him to make India’s first of bodybuilding movies.

sahil khan bodybuilding

A Sahil Khan Production, Iron Brothers is just that. As the title suggests, Iron Brothers is India’s first of Bodybuilding movies. Alongside Sahil Khan himself, it’s produced by Shaista Khan and Dennis Shivani while Sam Khan occupies the director’s seat. Sam Khan is also the Chief Executive Director of Masters Champions League, so he isn’t really far away from the world of sports, health and fitness. While the cast and accurate details are still in development, we can confirm that Sahil Khan will star in the film.

The film is about putting light upon those legends and athletes, both male and female alike, who have had major achievements in the field of Bodybuilding but fall short on the fame that other athletes and sportspersons receive. It also addresses the lack financial aid and support to these athletes.

sahil khan bodybuilding

In our conversation with Sahil Khan he said, “I received major criticism from a lot of people over my appearance in my debut film, Style. They didn’t see the need to have a bodybuilder in any movie. But now, fans and industry alike want heroes and actors to have a ripped body. That’s what I feel I have achieved ahead of time. That’s what I plan to show with Iron Brothers. To display Bodybuilding as not just a hobby but as a sport that elevates the art of Bodybuilding in India to an international level. This movie will put light on the untold truth behind these athletes’ stories.”


The auditions for the movie are open. They will be held across India in several locations and major cities.

Stay tuned to Sahil Khan’s Instagram and Facebook for more info on auditions and other related info. We will also share workout routine and diet plan which Sahil follows in our next article.