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The BIG Weight Loss Journey of ‘The Big Show’

Paul Donald Wight II, popularly known as ‘The Big Show’, is an American Professional wrestler and a WWE legend. Even the non-wrestling fans know who Big Show is and lately, he has been in the limelight but no, not for his wrestling skills or his giant outlook but a daring weight loss journey that he undertook in which he has lost 70 pounds till now. From once being a whooping 537 pounds at his heaviest, this 45-year-old man has now come all the way down to 373 pounds! Well, isn’t it awe-inspiring for all those struggling to lose weight?

In an interview with WWE, Big Show shared his weight loss journey from being fat to fab. So let’s find out how it all happened,

Was the weight loss a conscious decision?

Big Show’s weight loss journey has been a conscious decision for him. He took advantage of the time and opportunity he had, to change his physique. When you have to make a transformation like his, it definitely takes serious commitment to change around 40 years of improper diet and improper training.

Was it a one man effort?

As they say, any incredible journey does not involve a single person. In Big Show’s weight loss journey too, celebrity trainer Dodd Romero had a major role to play. Dodd worked out a plan for Big Show which not only involved weight training and regular exercises but also activities like swimming, biking. In Big Show’s words, he says,

“He put a lot of challenges in front of me at that time. I thought he was out of his damn mind, to tell the truth. But there wasn’t any challenge he put in front of me that I wasn’t able to accomplish with some dedication and some discipline.”

How did Big Show train?

A typical week of training for Big Show depends on how many days of the week he is working. As many days as he is at home be it five or ten, he trains every day. Currently, he is counting on high reps and trying to keep his metabolism up, tendons and joints strong and cutting out on fat, especially unhealthy one. Once the body fat comes down to the desired level, then he will move on to the muscle-building part.

“Right now we’re just trying to burn it up and keep it high energy so the fat doesn’t have a chance to stick and grow.”

It took six to seven months of research, finding out what he needed to eat, what are his nutritional requirements and slowly taking out things from his diet. Big Show explains,

“When you take the time and do the research, it’s more about what suits you, not what suits everybody. You have to find out what works for you.”

During Big Show’s weight loss journey, he says that while losing body fat, he didn’t lose it all in one area. It was all in weird places like upper shoulders, thighs. Initially, it didn’t look good but slowly some abs started to show up. Big show puts this experience as,

“I think it’s like a sculptor, taking a raw block of stone and chiselling out the physique you want to have.”

Big Show’s weight loss journey was a far more a mental effort than a physical one. It’s the same like when you get tired and you don’t feel like even moving but you still have push yourself to go and exercise. And more than physical it takes a strong will and determination to get yourself going. Rest Big Show says is diet. As he was dealing with hip and knee injuries he could do less of cardio; the extra pounds that he had lost were mainly through diet. After all, sacrificing all the pizzas, ice cream, meatball subs isn’t an easy task!

“If I had to equate it I’d say 90 percent of losing weight and losing body fat is all what you put in your mouth.”

Who boosted Big Show?

Professionally Big Show has tremendous respect for John Cena and recollected that once while hanging out with him, Big show jokingly remarked that what a giant gonna do with abs. And John Cena sarcastically replied that yes a giant with abs won’t be marketable at all! This was what hit Big Show like a shot but later John Cena congratulated him seeing the hard work Big Show had put in which boosted him even more.

In the end, Big Show rightfully puts his weight loss journey as,

“There is nothing more powerful than the human spirit and the human will. So there is nothing that can stop you from reaching where you really want to.”

Big Show plans to continue on the fitness road and try to be inspiring to others who want to make this change or don’t believe that they can make it. Well, it’s not easy being a legend and then continuing to be so!