Exemplary Two Way Journey To Gain And To Lose Back

How do you expect an actress to be in her debut? Conventionally speaking, if anything, an actress is bound to pose her svelte bodyline. Plumped body image just doesn’t match with the audience’s envision. Defying such stereotyped mindset towards an actress came forth against the Bollywood clichés an upper-middle class lady, Bhumi Pednekar. She emerged as a celebrity in a way unprecedented in the glamorous Bollywood. Her bulky image in her debut ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ was quite an atypical of her to launch herself for the first time in Bollywood. Yet, she chose to be this attractively a typical woman and made the name Bhumi exist betwixt the lips of millions.

Bhumi pednekar weight loss

The brave choice to look plump

None of us, as audience, expect an actress to kick-start her acting career as an overweight married woman. It is because we are accustomed to sexy booty and toned curves and don’t usually find a plump figure attractive enough. But Pednekar didn’t care for what we wanted to be served on our plate and chose to pile on her with the undesirable layers of 30 kg to venture out into Bollywood. While her urge to act was her goal, love for food was the motivation. Ironically, when girls of her age were going insane to fit into a pair of leggings, Bhumi kept gobbling up pizza in her breakfast to justify the character of ‘Sandhya’ in DLKH. To become Sandhya demanded her to consume more than 3000 calories a day which she un-reluctantly did in exchange of her dream to be an actress.

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss

Conversion from ‘Sandhya’ to ‘Bhumi’

Bhumi was 10 kg lighter than the character she was in her debut when the movie was on screen. But this was just an early beginning for Bhumi and there was nothing that could stop her from being fit again. Being overweight was just a temporary decision by Bhumi and she could not have sustained on with that after the shooting was over. As stated by her, she did not chalk out any professional plan and neither sought any nutritionist’s guidance to re-shape her back. Instead, she bifurcated 60% of her investment on workout and 40% on a healthy diet. She went swapping between badminton and gym which, every time she used to glance at mirror, kept her going perseveringly.

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss

Shed it like Bhumi!

Where the zeal within most in the population is always one way, i.e. to either gain or lose, Bhumi’s challenge was two-way, to gain followed by to lose back. It’s thus unfathomable that how hard times have been for her. What the platter full of breast chicken, dal makhani and all that fatty jazz did to her was someone as flabby as ‘Sandhya’ and reversing back from there was way too hard. But, Bhumi’s take on it was easier than the way we could expect it to be. She made a point to gulp down her detox drink (cucumber + mint leaves + lemons) every day, no matter, however, the remaining day might run for her. Being a foodie soul, Bhumi never chose to suppress her wildness for food, rather fared along in a balanced way.

Bhumi pednekar weight loss

Here goes simple diet plan of Bhumi Pednekar weight loss:

  • Breakfast plate varied from Missi roti to poha, eggs, toast and upma. Also, a glass of juice unfailingly accompanied her breakfast plate.
  • Lunch usually comprised of Dal chawal, sabzi roti or chicken chawal.
  • Dinner literally for her was as poor as a platter full of green veggies.

Besides, Bhumi had certain restrictions set for her. Like she preferred to avoid white food and rather substitute them with their brown clones. For example- she chewed up multi-grain tortillas than the white ones. To compensate for the drawbacks of fried items, her kitchen had no place for oils other than olive oil. Most noteworthy of all, she always remembered to swing down aloe vera juice, green tea and kale juice to keep her body cleansed.

She shares about how drinking enough water is important.

“It absolutely is!!! But how often do we manage drinking six to seven litres of water? Not very. I do it now and trust me, water is a boon for your body. I wanted to make this habit a lot more fun, and I found this thing called detox water.”

lemon water detox weight loss

“It cleanses and detoxifies your body. Lemon not only cleanses your body but also makes it alkaline. It also boosts your immunity. Mint aids digestion and gives the drink some sweetness without any sugar,” she added.

Diet alone couldn’t have rewarded Sandhya ‘Bhumi’ back. Sandhya’s regime encompassed a variety of physical efforts too.

  • Bhumi’s morning walks were as certain as the sun’s rise.
  • Bhumi religiously hit the gym for her 15-minute cardio exercises followed by 40-minute weight training.
  • Along with the training, she also made it a point to indulge in leisure activities like badminton, volleyball and swimming. Combined efforts in gym and sports did wonders to her body.
  • Occasionally, with the permission from her mood, she gyrated high on Bollywood numbers to burn quite a few calories.

Bhumi Pednekar’s incredibly two-way journey is definitely not a usual fitness-oriented inspiration. She is one of a kind. She is perhaps the most inspirational inspiration of inspirations for fitness junkies.