best time to drink green tea

Green Tea Health Benefits and Best Time to Drink

Green tea is definitely everyone’s favorite among all health drinks, especially for those trying to lose some weight. Indian traditional doctors have sworn by its health benefits since the beginning of ancient times. Even recent studies have proved that green tea has minerals and vitamins abundantly. These increase its antioxidant properties of green tea to decrease your risk of certain types of cancers and cardiac diseases. This tea also has antibacterial properties. It aids your weight loss, slows down the aging process, and also improves oral health. At the end of the day, you need to sacrifice on something if you need to ‘lose’ something. Green tea contains antioxidants as well as amino acids, enzymes, and phytochemicals like polyphenols in huge amounts. It also has B vitamins, Manganese, Foliate, Magnesium, Potassium and Caffeine. All you diet conscious people; you’ll definitely go crazy for it once you witness the results yourself. It doesn’t taste out of the world, but it reaps amazing benefits.

best time to drink green tea

But how can you be certain that you are getting all the benefits of green tea by just drinking it? Can you just have green tea at any time of the day? Well, the answer is no. If you want to enjoy all the advantages, you need to understand how and when to consume green tea. Read to know when the best time to drink green tea is.

Not the First Thing in the Morning

There is no denying the fact that green tea has numerous health benefits. But having it as early as your morning cup of tea may not be a very good idea. A recent study on food supplements with green tea extracts found that green tea on an empty stomach can have unfavorable side effects on your liver.

best time to drink green tea

Two hours post meal or two hours before meal

Have green tea amid meals. If you can have it preferably two hours after or before eating, it maximizes the intake of nutrients. If you are anemic, do not have it along with a meal. This is because the antioxidant catechins in green tea hinder the absorption and assimilation of iron in your diet.

If you drink it between meals, it allows your body to consume iron from the food. If you still want to go ahead and consume green tea after meals, make sure you include vitamin c or red meat in your diet. These will block the interaction between iron and green tea. Adding milk or lemon to your green tea would also perform the same function.

best time to drink green tea

At least two hours before going to bed

It keeps you alert otherwise. We need good 8 hours of sleep, don’t we?

The internet is buzzing with the soothing properties of green tea. In reality, it cannot lull your body into a tranquil sleep. Green tea is definitely not bedtime drink. The caffeine is the culprit. Caffeine is proven to disrupt sleep and act as a stimulant.

Amino acid L-theanine is also present in green tea, which can calm your nerves but keeps you alert. It makes you focus and concentrate better, which hinders good sleep. Green tea is diuretic, which means that it will make you take frequent trips to the loo.

Some dieticians suggest that a gap of four to six hours between your last cup of green tea and bedtime should be left. If that is not possible, maintaining a two-hour gap also works well.

best time to drink green tea

Do not have more than two to three cups a day

Green tea can have some adverse effects on your body unless you have it in moderation. Limit drinking of green tea to two or three cups a day. Additionally, if you want to reap more benefits, have diluted green tea after breaks. If you want to use green tea to push all the toxins out of your body, you need to have it in small quantities throughout the day. Green tea detoxes your body slowly. But if you gulp it down all at once, it won’t detox. It simply passes out of the body as urine. To make the perfectly diluted green tea, make a cup of strong green tea. Let this cool down. Fill a bottle with water and add this green tea to it. Mix it well and have it all through the day. This way, you’re also consuming 1 liter of water which is a fourth of the recommended amount.

best time to drink green tea

Regular consumption along with workouts helps you lose weight

Now everybody knows that green tea helps you lose weight. However, if you want to lose weight by drinking green tea alone, you’ll have to go to pick the leaves yourself and brew the tea 😛 Doctors, fitness trainers and dieticians would agree to the fact that green tea aids weight reduction only when coupled with exercise. Surprise, surprise! Research has shown that green tea intake can show a real effect in just 24 hours, if you have the knowledge of best time to drink tea. If you exercise apart from having green tea, there is nothing like it.

Green tea consumption is more beneficial in the long run. It produces even better outcomes. When a group of men was given green tea catechins each day along with an exercise training program, there was a significant reduction in fat content in their bodies.

best time to drink green tea

You cannot drink green tea anytime you want. As it is rightly said, “there is a time for everything.” Similarly, there is the best time to drink green tea. If you are looking for reaping the maximum number of benefits, then you must follow the timing of consumption strictly. It is the healthiest beverage in the world and it comes to your rescue when no other diet plans or workout plans do. It not only has a huge number of health benefits but also keeps your soul and mind at peace. These reasons are exactly why you should make the antique green tea your favorite drink. So go ahead and concoct this health drink now. But, remember, timing the consumption of this drink plays a major role in getting the best out of the drink. The new year is just around the corner! This is a gentle reminder to make better life choices for a healthier tomorrow.

best time to drink green tea