Best Swimming Pools in Noida

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Swimming Pool in Noida

Swimming is considered to be as one of the best exercises which provide a full body workout.

It not only keeps your heart rate up but also takes some of the impact stress off your body to builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Further, it helps in maintaining weight. It also tones muscles and builds muscle strength. Swimming is also an extremely fun sport.

Noida has many numbers of swimming pool; let’s have a look at the best swimming pools in Noida:

#1 Swimming Pool in Noida –  Fitso Swimming Pool, Noida 

fitso SEALs heated pool: swimming pool in Noida

Fitso seals operates one of the best swimming pool in Noida. This pool offers one of the best temperature controlled swimming facility and training classes in Noida with support for the best swimming coaches.

Further, this pool provided a five-star rated facility at a fraction of the price that these hotels charge.

Besides temperature controlled facility, the fact that India’s only certified swimming coach for kids and some of India’s best coach makes it a amazing choice.

This amazing pool has security cameras to keep in hand and mind your safety!

fitso SEALs pool: swimming pool in Noida

There are available locker rooms and changing stations at half of the price of the hotel’s charge which means people can actually be carefree about their belongings and privacy.

  • Age limit: No age limited
  • Heated Swimming Pool: Yes
  • Address: LPS Global School, Sector 51, Noida
  • Contact Number: +919599106602
  • Price: Rs 1999/per month
  • Timings: 6:00 AM till 11:00 PM

Check out more details at Fitso SEALs website.


“Visited the pool, looked no less than a 5-star hotel pool and currently no other heated pools in Noida. So this is the best place to in during winters.” – Sahil Garg

#2 Swimming Pool in Noida –  Noida Golf Club 

Noida Golf Course: best swimming pool in Noida

Noida golf course is known for it’s best in class golf ground but it also sports an exclusive swimming pool which is located in sector 38, this makes in on the second number in our list mainly because of the amazing coaching available here.

This is also one of the best swimming pools in Noida, which has a lady coach during the evening shifts as well which accounts for the safety and free classes of women in our society.

Suresh and Dinesh are the two coaches who take swimming classes in both the evening and morning time respectively and they are well trained to make sure your safety becomes more than just a priority.

  • Age Limit: 3+
  • Heated Swimming Pool: No
  • Location: Capt Shashikant Sharma Marg, Sector 38, Noida
  • Contact Number: 120-4222111/4222942
  • Email:
  • Price: Rs 820/Per Month
  • Timings: 6 am-10.30 am and Ladies timing: 6 pm-9pm (Only for summers)


“A best social club in Noida having Gym, Swimming Pool, indoor games, tennis court and four banquet halls of different sizes. And a big lawn as well.” – Sunil Puri

#3 Swimming Pool in Noida –  Club 26, Noida

club 26: best swimming pool in Noida

This addition is mainly for the people who are looking for a luxurious and extremely classy pool facility, then they can join Club 26 without a doubt! This pool is actually phenomenally huge and has the unbeatable depth of 9 ft. to make sure it feeds the adventurous soul inside you.

The best advantage of this pool is its location, as it’s located in Sector 26 which actually holds amazing malls and beautiful properties, serving as a great residential area.

This pool provides all the exclusive facilities to its members, therefore, is known to be the A1 club of it’s kind.

  • Address: E 1, Sector 26, Noida
  • Heated Swimming Pool: No
  • Contact: 0120 4311790/ 0120 4311791
  • Email:
  • Price: Rs 40,000 for annual membership, Rs 2500 per month


“Pretty decent place to organize small parties and corporate events. The Club staff is really helpful and efficient. The venue is surrounded by a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.” – Abhinav Lal

#4 Swimming Pool in Noida – Indraprastha Global School, Noida

indraprasth global school: best swimming pool in Noida


It is open to both the public and its own school students with its great size and good facilities. Here the swimming training classes are taken by the well-trained professionals for the learners to keep your safety always first in their minds and your intelligence indebted in their hearts. The pool is properly maintained and hygienic with a clean pool and even cleaner surroundings.

This pool is suited for kids because of high security of coaches for kids.

There is a separate class for the lovely ladies too because your privacy and safety actually do matter!

  • Age Limit: 3+
  • Heated Swimming Pool: No
  • Location: S1, Sector 93 B, Express Highway (Adjacent to ATS/ELDECO flats), Noida
  • Contact: 9711027105
  • Price: Rs 3200/Per Month
  • Email:
  • Timings: 5:30 am – 6:30 am(morning) and 3 pm to 6 pm(evening)


“Nice swimming experience with nice and supportive staff.” – Dr.Anoop Gupta

#5 Swimming Pool in Noida –  Ramagya Sports Academy, Noida

ramagya sports academy: Noida Golf Course: best swimming pool in Noida

Ramagya Sports Academy is well-known sports academies in New Delhi and also provides excellent courses and training to its members. This place also has a beautiful pool which is surrounded by a hygienic and eco-friendly environment.

This swimming pool is open both in the morning and evening time, therefore, giving maximum time to its members.

This pool is also a 6 star for its safety measures with the trained instructors to guide anyone and everyone in case of any help.

They also have well clean shower facilities which actually match up with the standards and needs of everyone.

The most amazing feature is the excellence provision with a soak fitted in the tub which actually also helps the learners to keep their feet clean before and after entering the pool and therefore sanity and hygiene is actually on the top of the minds of the management here.

  • Age Limit: 5+
  • Heated Swimming Pool: No
  • Location: E-7, Sector – 50, Noida
  • Contact: +91 9899866676
  • Email:
  • Timing: morning (6am – 10am) and evening (4pm – 9pm)
  • Price: Rs 3000 per month


“I would say this is the best sports academy in Noida, Excellent swimming pool and gym this academy also have a basketball court, tennis courts, shooting ranges, snooker, cricket classes and many more sports related classes.” – Gulati Shubham

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