best fitness band in india

8 Best Fitness Tracker Bands in India

With the advancement in technology, monitoring our health has become very easy. Fitness bands are the next big thing. It sits quietly on your wrist like a bracelet, monitoring your heart, counting how many distances you covered, tracking your sleeping time and more. If you want to do something productive with your life, you first have to look at yourself and realize that sitting idle, going to work will not make your life healthy. If you want to make some serious lifestyle changes, I prefer you that you start moving around, walk, run whichever you feel compatible with.

Fitness bands have bought a revolution in the fitness sector. It can track your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and more. It can keep you updated about your fitness regimes and with the likes of heart rate monitor; you can work on your cholesterol as well. Many doctors advice their patients suffering from cholesterol and blood pressure to wear fitness bands as it can keep track of your every physical activity. If you are in need of one, find here:

Best Fitness Band in India

  1. Fitbit Surge Ultimate

fitbit band : best fitness band in India

Fitbit is one of the prominent brand which only deals with fitness bands. Fitbit Surge Ultimate smartwatch is stylish and functionality induced fitness band in India which covers all the aspect of fitness. It is comprised of a heart rate monitor, calorie burn, sleep level monitor for healthy sleeping. Fitbit Surge Ultimate is a multi-functional fitness band which tracks all your daily activities as it features GPS tracking. Moreover, it can be connected to your smartphone via Fitbit application and will display all the calls and notifications.

The only cons which resist people from buying it are its hefty price and are irreplaceable if torn. Also,  It costs a whopping RS 25,000/ on Amazon and if you buy it from a retail store, the price could increase a bit.

  1. Garmin VivoSmart HR

garmin vivosmart : best fitness band in India

When it comes to GPS, Garmin is the biggest and the best manufacturer of GPS, sonar and communication devices. Garmin VivoSmart HR is known for its accuracy, and this shows how carefully the product was crafted. That’s why this best fitness band in India comes with a sensitive heart rate monitor, how many floors you climbed, distance walked and sleep tracking. The best thing about this fitness band is that it comes with a battery life of 4-5 days after a strong usage. It can be synced with your phone, control music and camera.

The only con it comes with is that it doesn’t support GPS. It can calculate the fitness activity intensity in minutes and time of day. If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to keep track of all your fitness activities, you can avail it from Amazon at Rs 14,000.

  1. TomTom Touch

tomtom touch : best fitness band in India

When it comes to providing accurate data, TomTom products are well known in the market. TomTom Touch is slightly different from the traditional fitness bands as it comes with the functionality of tracking body composition analysis which is body fat to muscle ratio. It tracks our entire activity, and its in-built sensors can monitor your heart 24X7 with accurate data. Moreover, it can be synced with your phone, and you can see your incoming calls and messages right on its display. It can last for the maximum of five days without charging and is water resistant also.

It is wifi and Bluetooth enabled but doesn’t sport GPS which can be neglected with all the amazing features it provides with. It available on Amazon at Rs 9,000/- and its price may be different when purchased from a retail store.

  1. Samsung Gear Fit 2

samsung gear : best fitness band in India

If you are a Samsung Brand lover, then you will be compatible with this device as it is the most feature induced fitness band in India. It sports an AMOLED large display with the dual feature as a watch and a fitness band. The best thing about this band is that it comes with an internal memory of 4GB and 512MB of RAM. It sports a GPS tracker and is water resistant. Further, with the likes of automatic sleep tracking, it can monitor your sleeping patterns. It comes in the price range of Rs 9,000/- on Flipkart and can be varied on retail shops.

  1. Moov

moov : best fitness band in India

Moov is the fitness band which doesn’t come with a display. You have to sync it with your smartphone to see all your activity details. It seems more like a bracelet than a fitness band. It is trendy and fashionable and can be worn with any attire and probably the best fitness band in India. The best thing is that you can attach it anywhere on your body, from the wrist, arms, biceps and even legs. It is water resistant and can be worn while swimming. It comes with a multi-sport functionality with 12 programs covering over 200 workouts.

The only disadvantage of having this fitness band is that it doesn’t have any display. You can avail Moov from any retail store in India or from Flipkart at Rs 4,800/-. The price may get varied.

  1. GOQII Life Fitness Band

GOQII Lifeband : best fitness band in India

GOQII Life Fitness Band comes with precision motion sensor and activity tracker to track your daily fitness activities accurately. It sports an OLED display with silent alarm feature which can help you to do your fitness activities on schedule. Also, it comes with a personal trainer who will guide you to your fitness regimes. The device is synced with a smartphone to avail all the fitness programs. The biggest disadvantage of this fitness band is its battery backup. It discharges quickly. It is available on Amazon at Rs 1,700/- and may vary accordingly.

  1. Mi Band 2

mi band : best fitness band in India

This is probably the cheapest, dependable fitness band in India available in the market under Rs 2,000/- only. This fitness band lives up to the expectations of the user providing all the necessary features and functionalities. Its outer surface is made from anti-sweat thermoplastic elastomers, and sports touch sensitive button for navigation. It can track all your daily fitness activities and sleep hours. It is the best fitness band in India available at this price. You can avail it from Amazon, the price changes varyingly.

  1. Hug Smartwatch for Android

hug : best fitness band in India

This is probably the most feature rich fitness band available in the market. Not only that it can monitor your health but also is capable of flying drones as well. Shocked! Yes, it is true; it comes with built-in virtual reality application controller, so it is more than just a fitness band. Moreover, this device sports a dedicated SOS button for emails and text messages. It can also be used to track your location. But, when it comes to health, it is comprised of an advanced pixart optical heart rate monitor which can calculate your heart beat to the seconds. You can sync this device with your smartphone and all your bodily functions from the total distance you walked to how much time you sleep will be monitored.

It comes with a non-detachable battery which can last for about 5-6 days which is its drawback. You can avail it from Amazon at Rs 7,999/-. Note that the price may vary from store to store and it is profitable to buy it from an online source.