best feeling ever after weight loss

The Best Feeling Ever after weight loss- Lost 5.5 Kg in a Month

Deepika Sharma has everything she wanted in her life – a loving husband, two beautiful kids and a beautiful home . And she has a problem – well, had a problem, for it ceased to remain in existence the moment Deepika decided to do something about it. And what was the cause of her misery? Her weight. Once a slim girl, she gained weight over the years and had begun to tip the scales at 92 kilos.Lets check her weight loss journey.

Weight Gain Doesn’t Come With Warning

She never had weight issues but life kind of has a strange way of throwing challenges. For Deepika, it came as difficult pregnancies and health complications thereafter. However, not one to give up on life, she did her best to come out of her health problems and spread joy around her like she always did.she moved forward with her weight loss journey.

She never lacked motivation but seemed to be helpless about the weight she had put on over the years. The balancing act between managing her travel business and family left her with little or no time for herself.

A Small Push Was All She Needed

While weight loss remained on her mind, she did not know where to start. A small nudge from her doting husband changed it all for her. She longed to be like him – fit and strong. She wanted to run alongside him in the many marathons that he participated in. It was never about her incompetence when it came to her fitness level but about doing one more thing together.

So she did it. She called the number her husband had found out for her on the recommendation from one of his friends. And thus began her journey with Fitso.  At first, she had reservations set them aside and decided to join their program. Within a month, she had tangible results – she had lost 5.5 kgs!

How She Achieved The Success She Dreamed?

Was it a magic wand that Fitso waved on her? Yes, but not one but two, she laughs as she explains. Vivek Pandey, her trainer and Praveena her dietician are key to her phenomenal success in her weight loss. Understanding is most important, she says, and they know what works for her and what doesn’t.

Once an ardent lover of oily foods, she has happily given up on them although she is allowed to have a snack of her own choice once in a while. She follows the diet chart designed by Praveena for her to the ‘T’. Her special dietary schedule includes a balance of proteins and fibres. She goes on a fruit diet for a day in a week with ample fluids to maintain balance. Was it hard? A little, she admits, but when you see the results, you don’t mind, quite the opposite actually, she grins.

At first, Vivek put her on easy jobs – a little cardio and walk at normal pace. As her stamina increased, he upped the level from normal walks to brisk walking and then running for ten minutes. Within a month she was jogging for more than 40 mins every day, hot weather notwithstanding. She likes to run, and sweat, she quips. And now that she can run, there is literally no stopping her.

After her run, she does a full set of stomach crunches and sit-ups for extra toning and to target sites such as belly fats and thighs. Not a day goes by without her working out. It does not matter if it rains or shines, run she must and Vivek Pandey is by her side guiding her with the right pace and exercises to benefit her the most.

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Does she feel the difference after her weight loss?

There is nothing more gratifying than this feeling of doing something for your health and body, she gushes.Her weight loss plans have helped to join her husband for his trekking activities and marathons in the near future. In fact, she has decided to start training for the marathon in her city in August. And believes that with the support from Fitso, she would be able to complete the 10km route.

What advice would she give to others?

The vivacious beauty has some very valuable thoughts to share with others. When your loved ones depend on you, and care for you, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Most women are completely and very understandably tied out with work and domestic responsibilities. A lot of time goes in commuting to work and back and at the end of the day you are simply too tired to even move your arms. But do make time for yourself. You owe it to yourself. That is Deepika’s message for all.